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What Are the Best Tips for Career Development?

Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White

Career development is when a person utilizes an organized approach to match his or her goals with the needs of an employer. Many times, career development is viewed as a program full of strategies and is carried out by managers, human resource departments, and individual employees themselves. Individuals can obtain jobs with which they are satisfied, while, at the same time, help businesses to meet their organizational goals and more. The best tips for career development include conducting self-assessments, optimizing one’s resume, and strengthening communication skills, as well as knowing when to move on from career opportunities.

Managers who assist in career development programs help to link employer needs with internal employees based on the career goals of the employees. When human resource departments take part in these types of programs, they create actual career paths that match up with their employee’s career goals. Even though managers and human resource departments often assist in the programs, employees should take note that the strategies they utilize in their career development is ultimately in their own hands.

Woman posing
Woman posing

The first thing a person should do to enhance his or her career development is to conduct a self-assessment including a variety of questions to help to identify the exact career path needed. One of the most important questions to ask is whether or not further education will be needed in order to reach career goals. If further education is needed, then contacting a student advisor at a local community college or university will be very helpful in deciding which educational courses in which to enroll.

By optimizing one’s resume, it can be customized with relevant experiences and personal accomplishments. These elements will help potential employers to recognize the applicant’s abilities and strengths. It is important to keep in mind that the resume should be customized to each position to which a person applies. Contacting a local career service or vocational department can provide great resources for developing or optimizing the resume. In the United States (US), each county usually has its own career service department.

Strengthening communication skills is an essential part to career development. Many employers look for employees who can not only communicate effectively orally, but also in written form. When looking for ways to strengthen communication skills, taking college courses is beneficial. In the US, there are many communities that provide citizens with free college-level communication classes.

Successful career development also involves knowing when to move on from career opportunities. A person should not stick with a company if it does not present beneficial opportunities that will help him or her to meet career goals. Identifying what benefits a company can bring is especially important when choosing between different job opportunities. A cost-benefit analysis should always be performed when job opportunities arise.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing