What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Luxury SUV?

Jeremy Laukkonen

The process of buying a luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV) can be much the same as buying any other car or truck, and there are many different factors to take into account. Luxury SUVs tend to offer a variety of creature comforts, such as heated leather seats and expensive entertainment systems, but they can also retain a lot of functionality. In addition to the luxury features, it can be a good idea to check the cargo storage capacity. Many people look at the price of a luxury SUV when determining what to buy, but the cost of maintenance and repairs can be just as important to consider. If a particular luxury SUV has a reputation of being especially expensive to maintain, purchasing an extended warranty or repair insurance can be a sound decision.

Off-road SUVs tend to be smaller and lighter than those built for mostly on-road driving.
Off-road SUVs tend to be smaller and lighter than those built for mostly on-road driving.

It can be very important to consider the way that the vehicle will be used when buying a luxury SUV. If it will only be used as a passenger vehicle, it may be wise to choose a model with a smaller profile and better gas mileage. In many cases a luxury SUV is still used to haul cargo, in which case the interior dimensions can be just as important as any of the other features. The ease with which the seats fold down and the size of the resulting cargo space can both be important if the vehicle will be used to haul anything other than passengers.

The price of a luxury SUV is often one of the determining factors when deciding which model to buy, though there are other costs of ownership to consider. It can be easy to overlook maintenance and repair costs when buying a brand new vehicle, though these expenses can become high over the years. Some luxury SUVs use the same engine and suspension parts as less expensive models, in which case repairs costs are usually reasonable. Other luxury SUVs can be very expensive to maintain, especially if certain parts or components are difficult to come by.

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Some manufacturers offer comprehensive warranties with their luxury SUVs. If a particular vehicle does not include a comprehensive warranty and the repair costs show the potential of being high, it may be wise to look into an extended warranty or repair insurance. These sorts of policies can pay for all of the necessary repairs to a luxury SUV, which can drive down the overall cost of ownership for some makes and models.

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