What Are the Best Tips for Buying a Cheap SUV?

Dan Cavallari

Most people who are interested in buying a cheap SUV will look for a used vehicle. These can be found at used vehicle lots or in the classified sections of newspapers; online resources are also available for searching for used vehicles in a given area. It is important to remember that a cheap SUV that is used may look to be in great condition, but it is very difficult to determine the true condition of a vehicle just by looking. Used car dealerships will often put the vehicle through a thorough inspection, so this is a good place to start.

A used car should have a good maintenance record.
A used car should have a good maintenance record.

Regardless of where you are considering purchasing a cheap SUV, be sure the seller will allow you to take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic who can determine the current condition. The buyer will need to pay any fees the mechanic charges for such a service, and the buyer may need to put down a temporary deposit on the vehicle in order to take it of the premises, but this is a vital step that could save you a lot of money and stress later on down the road by pinpointing potential problems with the cheap SUV that could end up leading to other, more serious issues.

An auto mechanic can usually assess whether a used SUV requires major repairs.
An auto mechanic can usually assess whether a used SUV requires major repairs.

If the mechanic gives the okay, the buyer will need to find out more information from the seller about the cheap SUV. If the buyer is purchasing from a dealership, he or she will need to find out if any warranty is offered at purchase. Most dealerships offer some sort of warranty, though it is likely to be fairly limited. If the mechanic has made note of potential issues with the cheap SUV, the buyer can negotiate with the dealership to get the problems taken care of, or to lower the purchase price as a result of the repairs that need to be done. This is especially important if no warranty is offered by the seller.

Be sure to choose a cheap SUV that will suit your needs, and do not skimp on safety for a lower price. The SUV should have all the necessary safety features, and added features such as air bags and side impact air bags should be preferred. If the mechanic finds a problem that can be potentially dangerous, it will need to be rectified before or immediately after purchase. If possible, make a safety check one of the terms of the sale to ensure the vehicle purchased is ready for safe use on the road.

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