What are the Best Methods for Organizing a Room?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

The best methods for organizing a room include only having what is needed in the space. Once that is established, storing things close to where they are used is a good idea. Storage containers should always make belongings easy to access. One of the most efficient ways of organizing a room is to have often used items the easiest to reach and those needed less stored on higher shelves or at the back of a cupboard.

For example, when organizing a kitchen, store items used only on special occasions, such as a punch bowl, on a high cabinet shelf, but keep dinner plates needed daily in cabinets that can be reached at a more comfortable height. The organization method of storage near where the items are used is especially important in the kitchen to save needless steps. For instance, store mixing bowls, spoons and measuring cups near a kitchen island or food preparation counter to keep everything at hand for the cook.

Rather than creating a "junk drawer" in a kitchen, organizing the space so odds and ends such as utensils, scissors or other tools are easy to find can be achieved by using small rectangular bins. Small, plastic rectangular bins or trays are typically inexpensive and can help in organizing a room by keeping kitchen, desk and dresser drawers neat. The bottom part of food boxes, such as those that cereal is often sold in, can be cut to form drawer organizers.

The best methods for organizing a bedroom usually involve using closet space as well as a chest of drawers, as most bedrooms have these two things. If the closet is large enough and has upper shelves, storage bins placed in rows along them can hold out-of-season clothes. Doing this then leaves more room in dresser drawers for in-season clothing. Having an adequate closet organizer system can help to de-clutter a bedroom. Any clothing, shoes or accessories not worn in two years or more should be given away to make organizing a bedroom easier.

Sometimes, the best method for organizing a room is to keep items handy even though they are also kept in other rooms. For example, pens and paper are usually handy things for many people to have throughout the home. To keep them from cluttering the room though, keep them near where they'll be used and in a container such as a basket or tray.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips