What are the Best Copywriting Tips?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Copywriters must promote products or services to readers.
Copywriters must promote products or services to readers.

Good copywriting means profitable sales for a business. Copywriting is persuasive writing that sells or promotes products, services or ideas. With just a few basic copywriting tips, it's possible to improve a company's business communications so that they work to grab and motivate the target audience.

One of the best copywriting tips is to always write customer communications with a firm understanding of the target audience in mind. The more research information a business has about the consumers most likely to buy its products, the stronger the copy can be. A professional, experienced copywriter knows how to get the attention of the target audience and keep it by understanding the potential customer's needs and desires. The best copywriting tip to keep in mind when hiring a professional copywriter is to look at the writer's record of measured responses as well as his or her ability to connect with the target audience.

Telling the potential customer exactly what to do to get the product or service is another one of the most crucial copywriting tips. This is known as the call to action and it's urgently communicated in direct response copywriting such as: "Hurry! Only the first 500 callers at 555-1234 will receive BOTH the Rich-O Coffee Making System AND the Real Italian Deluxe Espresso Set for the ONE TIME AMAZING PRICE OF ONLY $19.95. To get in on this time-limited one-of-a-kind special offer, you must call NOW at 555-1234."

Many would-be copywriters and even some so-called copywriting experts wrongly believe that only direct response ad copy needs a call to action. Undoubtedly, one of the best copywriting tips is to realize that the whole point of any persuasive copy, even if it's subtle, is to make sure the consumer knows what to do next. Even if the need isn't to sell a product right away, but to create strong branding, potential customers need to have the opportunity to learn more about the item and how to get it.

For instance, effective business websites don't just have pages of copy about why they're the best movers, lawyers or carpet installers. Instead, each page has links to a contact page or it lists phone numbers and contact information. The website reader then knows exactly what to do to learn more about the company or to find out about placing an order.

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    • Copywriters must promote products or services to readers.
      Copywriters must promote products or services to readers.