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What are the Different Types of Copywriting Services?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

The term copywriting was once more tightly defined than it is today. Copywriting can be defined as writing that generates interest in a person, product, service, or idea. As business strategies and media evolve, the duties of copywriters also evolve. Common copywriting services include content for websites, brochures, and sales letters.

The increasing popularity of the Internet has made website copywriting services popular. There are a lot of websites, but the people who own them are not necessarily writers or they may not have the time to do the necessary work. Website copywriting can offer professional writers a variety of work and afford them the opportunity to be creative. Work in this area can include everything from the content written on the “About Us” page to descriptions listed with products.

Copywriting might be done by writers telecommuting from different locations.
Copywriting might be done by writers telecommuting from different locations.

Many types of businesses use copywriting services to produce brochures. Examples include real estate agencies, hospitals, and community colleges. Some copywriting services may only specialize in one area, such as health care writing. As the market becomes more competitive, however, many copywriters are becoming more versatile and accepting work in various markets.

Magazines may hire copywriters.
Magazines may hire copywriters.

When a person receives a sales letter, there is a good chance it was written by a third party. Even those sales letters that speak in the first person and include allegedly personal stories are often the work of copywriting services. In some cases, the client may provide some of the information contained in the letter. In many cases, however, the entire project is done by creative professionals.

Copywriting services are often used to produce newsletters. One may mistakenly assume that internal newsletters, such as those produced by a human resources department for its staff, are likely to be written by someone within the company. This is often not the case. Sometimes copywriters are even hired to write letters from the president of a company.

A copywriter may be hired to write case studies. This need commonly arises when some type of experimental work has been done. Those who conduct the studies may have in-depth knowledge of their work, but they are often incapable of communicating in a way a layperson can understand. To help garner the type of attention and support they need, copywriting services are often used.

Many people who are highly experienced in a particular field have similar problems. There is expertise they would like to share but they do not know how to do it in a way that is interesting. Copywriters are, therefore, often hired to make industry-specific articles and reports more readable.

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    • Copywriting might be done by writers telecommuting from different locations.
      By: nyul
      Copywriting might be done by writers telecommuting from different locations.
    • Magazines may hire copywriters.
      By: romantsubin
      Magazines may hire copywriters.