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What are the Best Abdominal Exercises for Men?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Abdominal exercises for men are critically important for core strength and spinal health. A good ab workout can also help men develop muscle and tone, which can improve appearance. Since the abdominal muscles help stabilize the spine, abdominal exercises for men can also help alleviate back pain or back flexibility issues. Like any other workout, abdominal exercises for men should be performed at the user's level: for beginners, start slowly and with fewer reps; for intermediates, up the reps and frequency; and for advanced men, a more difficult workout pattern may be used.

While traditional sit-ups are a good way to build muscle, such an exercise can put undue stress on the spine and cause aches and pains. Other abdominal exercises for men are lower impact and work important muscles in the abs. For example, performing a plank exercise can work the abdominal muscles without hurting other parts of the body. Start by getting into a push-up position, but instead of putting the hands on the ground, rest the body's weight on the forearms. Brace the body, particularly the abs, for thirty seconds in this position, then rest and repeat, depending on fitness level.

A plank exercise may help men achieve six-pack abs.
A plank exercise may help men achieve six-pack abs.

The plank exercise above can be modified to work a different set of ab muscles. Instead of resting the body's weight on both arms, turn to one side and rest the body's weight on only one forearm. Hold for thirty seconds and rest, then repeat. Do this on both sides of the body. When performing this exercise, it is important to ensure that the shoulder and bicep line up in a straight line with the forearm to prevent stress on the shoulder and neck.

One can continue abdominal exercises for men by performing an exercise known as the mountain climber. Once again, the user must get into a push-up position, but this time the hands should rest on a bench or raised platform so that the body is at a forty five degree angle in relation to the ground. Once the body is stabilized, raise the left leg as close to the chest as possible, bending at the knee. Hold for two to five seconds, then retreat to the original position. Raise the right leg, hold, and release. One should do as many reps as is appropriate to one's fitness level, but be sure to rest, as rest is an important part of the workout.

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    • A plank exercise may help men achieve six-pack abs.
      A plank exercise may help men achieve six-pack abs.