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How do I Choose the Best Workouts for Men?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Finding the best workouts for men starts with determining fitness goals. Some men are more interested in building muscle, while others are interested primarily in losing weight. Others want to do both, or they want to improve their cardiovascular performance. Consider what your overall goals are before seeking out any workouts for men, and do some research to find out what types of exercises will help you achieve those goals. It may help to join a gym or fitness center, or at the very least consult a personal trainer who can help you develop a workout routine that will help you achieve your goals.

If you are considering workouts for men that will help you achieve cardiovascular health, muscle growth, and weight loss, you will have to do several different exercises on different days. It helps to break down your week according to workout days and rest days. Start on day one with a cardiovascular workout, such as running, cycling, or swimming, to begin to burn fat and stimulate better oxygen delivery to the muscles. Day two can be a weight training day, perhaps working on upper body muscles, and day three can be a rest day. Day four will be another cardio day that will help you burn fat and improve oxygen delivery and muscle function, and day five can be a muscle building day, perhaps for lower body muscles.

Swimming is an excellent workout for men.
Swimming is an excellent workout for men.

You may prefer workouts for men that are more competitive or interactive. Racket sports, for example, will allow you to get a cardiovascular workout while interacting with friends or competing in a league. This is a great way to ensure your workouts continue; many men stop working out because they become bored with the workout, so interacting with others can help you maintain interest and work toward other goals. These types of sports can be a part of an overall workout routine, and they should be combined with other weight training exercises.

One of the most overlooked workouts for men is a stretching workout.
One of the most overlooked workouts for men is a stretching workout.

Perhaps one of the most overlooked workouts for men is a stretching workout that improves mobility and helps reduce the risk of injury. Many men forego this workout because it is less intense or interesting than other types of workouts, but it is one of the most important components of a workout because it promotes blood flow, flexibility, faster recovery times, and prevention of injury. Stretching routines should be a part of every workout, regardless of whether it is a weight training day or a cardio day.

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Anyone who has looked around online knows that there is a ton of information about how to workout. But as great a resource as this can be, it can also be daunting trying to separate the good info from the bad and tailor it all to your situation.

I got confused and finally broke down and hired a personal trainer. We had three sessions. In the first we just talked and he asked me a bunch of questions which he used to devise a workout plan. In the second meeting he walked me through each lift step by step and made sure that I was aware of my form. On the last meeting he observed me and gave me some tips for long term development. That was three months ago and I am in the best shape of my life. All it took was some input from an expert.


Can someone suggest a good ab workout for men? I have always wanted a six pack and I am finally getting to a place where it might be possible. I did the most important step which is losing weight around my midsection. I recently dropped twenty pounds.

Once I lost the weight I was disappointed to see that I did not have abs just waiting under there for me. So I need a great abs workout for men that will blast my abs into shape in as little time as possible. Any suggestions?


Every man is different. Body types, fitness history and fitness goals will all determine what kind of workout a guy should be ding. Some guys will lean more towards cardio, others towards weight training. Let me tell you about the workout that combines both and has been giving me incredible results lately.

It is modeled off of a workout designed by men's health called "The Spartacus Workout." A number of people have picked up on the concept and run with it.Hhere is the basic idea.

10 exercises. You do each exercise for 45 seconds as many times as you can. Rest for 15 seconds, no more, and then move on to the next exercise. After you have completed all ten, rest for 2 minutes and repeat the circuit two more times.

Most of the exercise use only your body weight and engage the entire body. You might not expect it to burn as much as it will. By the time I get to the end of this workout I am gasping for breath and ripping sweat which is what you want if you are serious about results. You can find more information online really easily.

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    • Swimming is an excellent workout for men.
      By: pio3
      Swimming is an excellent workout for men.
    • One of the most overlooked workouts for men is a stretching workout.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      One of the most overlooked workouts for men is a stretching workout.