What are the Advantages of a Fake Lawn?

Hillary Flynn

Saturday afternoons spent sweating in the sun while pushing a lawn mower about the yard are no longer a requirement for those who don't mind a little artificial enhancement. In lawns, that is. Manufacturers are now selling fake lawns that are visually close to the real deal, and consumers are eagerly ordering up these rolls of splendor for several reasons. Fake lawns come in many different styles and lengths to suit the preferences of the buyer, and several options are available in the budget-friendly department as well as the better quality, high end product list.

A lawn mower is no longer needed when someone installs a fake lawn.
A lawn mower is no longer needed when someone installs a fake lawn.

The biggest advantage of a fake lawn is obvious. Fake lawn buyers who previously spent large chunks of time on yard maintenance are no longer tethered to the lawn mower when they'd rather be doing something else, yet they still have a beautiful lawn. Considering how many hours are spent mowing to keep grass at an aesthetically pleasing and community required length, that's a considerable amount of time saved. The other beauty of a fake lawn is that it can be enjoyed all year, regardless of the weather.

A fake lawn doesn't need to be weeded.
A fake lawn doesn't need to be weeded.

Another advantage of a fake lawn, especially for those living in a dry climate, is the elimination of watering. Population growth and the depletion of natural resources begs for limits on water usage, and reduction of lawn watering can have a significantly positive effect on water shortages. Plus, in drier climates, even with heavy watering, lawns turn brown, whereas a fake lawn remains lush and green throughout the year.

Another environmental concern tied to lawn mowers is the pollution they emit. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), "Operating a typical gasoline-powered lawn mower for one hour produces the same amount of smog-forming hydrocarbons as driving an average car almost 200 miles under typical driving conditions." Harmful pesticides and insecticides can be thrown out as well. These products can migrate into the ground and travel with groundwater to a lake, causing even further pollution. A fake lawn provides a safer environment for children and pets who spend a lot of time in contact with grass. A fake lawn gets a big green star in the environmentally friendly club.

It's easy to install a fake lawn. No professionals are required. Basically, the old grass should be removed, the ground leveled, then the fake lawn is unrolled and put into place. Next, just anchor the lawn with the anchors provided, add a little sand and brush it through, then spray it with water so that it sets.

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