What are Commercial Lawn Mowers?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Commercial lawn mowers are heavy-duty lawn equipment designed for frequent use. Many of these types of mowers are riding models, and often include large grass catchers and other features that make it possible to efficiently groom a large area. Most lawn care professionals will make use of mowers of this type for the bulk of their grooming and landscaping efforts, using other equipment to address areas of the landscape that are too tight for the larger commercial mower.

Most commercial lawn mowers are riding mowers.
Most commercial lawn mowers are riding mowers.

In addition to use in caring for large lawns, commercial lawn mowers can also be employed with gardening tasks. The mowers can make use of attachments to clear and till sections of ground, making the space ideal for planting vegetable or flower gardens. Other attachments make it possible for the mower to move easily among planted rows and remove any grass or weeds growing in between the rows.

Because there is a wide range of designs and sizes for commercial lawn mowers today, it is often a good idea to evaluate any potential purposes based on the anticipated functions that the equipment will be expected to perform. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase a basic mower that is ideal for cutting grass and then purchase additional equipment for other tasks. This makes it possible to go with a less expensive model if the tasks other than maintaining the lawn are minimal.

At the same time, there are commercial lawn mowers that come with enough standard features to handle a number of landscaping tasks without the need to purchase ancillary equipment. This is often a good option if the tasks for the mower are varied and there is limited space to store the mowing equipment. Larger landscaping businesses are more likely to go with these more versatile models, even though the mowers tend to be more expensive.

Homeowners and individuals who operate small residential lawn care businesses as a sideline are more likely to find that a simpler mower is both affordable and is a better option for their limited needs. The smaller commercial mowers can usually be enhanced with other equipment at a later date if the needs of the operator change.

Purchasing commercial lawn mowers is relatively easy for businesses of any size, as well as do-it-yourself homeowners. Most major lawn and garden stores will carry several sizes of the mowers, with each model offering a specific range of features. Home stores also offer several options in terms of size and features. There are a few manufactures who offer direct sale deals to individuals and businesses as well.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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