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What are Tackle Boxes?

J. Beam
J. Beam

Tackle boxes are designated containers that hold fishing tackle. While almost any container that could hold fishing tackle could be considered a tackle box, genuine tackle boxes are specially made with molded compartments of various sizes that are designed to hold and organize specific, individual pieces of fishing gear. Tackle boxes vary in size from pocket-sized to full size, boat mounted varieties and every fisherman has his or her own preference.

Some of the more common features of tackle boxes are the divided compartments to store and organize artificial bait and lures, hold sinkers, bobbers, and hooks, and keep various pieces of fishing tackle from mixing together. Depending on the size of the tackle box, special compartments may also be provided for holding larger tools like pliers and filleting knives. Many medium to large size tackle boxes feature fold out sections that self store inside the box as well as separate storage space in the lid. Other features of various tackle boxes range from waterproof durability to compact and separate detachable units.

Tackle boxes often contain bait.
Tackle boxes often contain bait.

Years ago, tackle boxes were often heavy, cumbersome boxes made of metal. However, due to modern manufacturing tackle boxes now come constructed of lightweight, durable plastic in a variety of sleek, sporty designs and an array of colors. To help children develop an interest in the sport of fishing, kid-friendly tackle boxes are also available – often featuring popular kid characters and available complete with matching fishing poles.

Tackle boxes are not only an organizational tool that makes transporting fishing gear easier, they are also essential for off-season storage. Even the casual fisherman accumulates many pieces of fishing tackle over a lifetime and tackle boxes keep their gear safely and neatly stored. For avid fisherman, tackle boxes of varying shapes and sizes generally constitute the whole of their fishing surplus. Tackle boxes can also come in handy for non-fishing folk, too. They can be used for storing small art and crafts supplies, sewing supplies, and various other small, yet like objects.

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    • Tackle boxes often contain bait.
      By: Matthew Benoit
      Tackle boxes often contain bait.