What are Fishing Vests?

J. Beam

Fishing vests are a specific piece of outdoor gear made especially for fishermen. The purpose of fishing vests is to provide the fishermen with a convenient place to store their tackle and tools. Fishing vests have a variety of different sized pockets for storing various implements. There are many different styles of fishing vests that can prove useful for different types of fishing.

The price of a fishing vest can vary widely, depending upon sturdiness, design, and other factors.
The price of a fishing vest can vary widely, depending upon sturdiness, design, and other factors.

Worn most frequently by fly-fishermen, fishing vests are particularly handy in the sport of fishing, allowing the fisherman to carry the essentials on their person rather than lugging a tackle box out into the water. Similarly, when fishing in a small boat, there is little room for equipment. Fishing vests essentially serve as a mobile tackle box that can be worn rather than carried and therefore take up no additional room.

The various styles of fishing vests include simple strap vests to full gear vests that combine some of the features of a backpack. Some fishing vests are made of mesh and heavy cloth while others feature a variety of fabric technologies used to create durable, water-resistant material. The compartments of fishing vests may be few or many, depending on the style. Some feature molded compartments for protecting expensive gear such as fish finders and other compartments are specifically sized for certain tools.

Additional features of some fishing vests include adjustable straps, beverage compartments, and some even double as a life jacket. The style vest a fisherman chooses is usually based on the type of fishing they enjoy, the priority of desired features, and the comfort. Though many tools are essential to all types of fishing, certain types of fishing require specific tackle, thus a trout fishermen may desire different compartment features than a fly fishermen. Fishing vests for children often double as a life jacket and feature a minimal number of compartments, mainly for an extra bobber and other small accessories.

Fishing vests are sold through sporting goods retailers and in the sporting goods departments of mass merchandise retailers. They range greatly in price, depending on the construction and design.

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