What Are Strawberry Cupcakes?

Misty Amber Brighton

When strawberries are added to cake batter, the result is strawberry cupcakes. A basic type of cake mix is generally preferred for making these cupcakes; however, a strawberry-flavored one can also be used. Plain or strawberry-flavored icing is normally used to frost these confections. They are typically very sweet tasting desserts that are somewhat colorful as well. Some cooks like to garnish these cupcakes with different toppings, especially when serving them at parties.


White or yellow cake mix is often used when making strawberry cupcakes, because this type of cake can allow the taste of the strawberries to be noticeable. The cake mix can be made as directed on the package, and then strawberries can be added to the batter when finished. An exception may occur when a strawberry flavored mix is used because one of these brands might already contain bits of this fruit.

Fresh strawberries can be used to make strawberry cupcakes.
Fresh strawberries can be used to make strawberry cupcakes.

Either fresh or frozen berries can be used, but frozen ones should be completely thawed first. Before adding them to the cake batter, it is important to make sure they are well drained and chopped into very small pieces. The batter might become too thin if the berries are watery, and large chunks of fruit could make strawberry cupcakes difficult to eat.

Vanilla icing is often preferred when frosting strawberry cupcakes because it has a light, sweet flavor that complements the cake nicely. The icing may have a powdered sugar or a cream cheese base to it. Although plain vanilla icing is typically used, a few drops of strawberry flavoring could be added to the topping to add color and flavor. Strawberry icing in a can might also be used, in which case there is no need to add additional fruit or flavoring. Cupcakes should cool completely before they are frosted so they will not crumble while doing so.

Most of the time, strawberry cupcakes may appear to be light pink or yellow cake with splotches of dark red throughout. This can depend on the type of mix used and the amount of berries added to the batter. These unique cupcakes typically have a fresh yet fruity aroma, especially when they are warm from the oven. Many people find them to be a moist type of cupcake that is also very sweet.

Strawberry cupcakes are often served at children's birthday parties or during summer holiday gatherings. Many cooks like to show off this homemade dessert by adding sliced berries, sprinkles, or red sugar to the top of them. Decorative wrappers are sometimes used when baking cupcakes, and this can further add to the visual appeal of these cupcakes.

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