What are Spa Chairs?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

Spa chairs are chairs which are specifically designed for use in salons. A wide range of spa chairs are available, depending on intended use. Many include features like built in warmers for client comfort, and others may include features like foot baths for administration of pedicures. A well equipped spa will have an assortment of spa chairs available, and these comfortable chairs are considered one of the perks of the spa experience by many clients.

A basic pedicure chair may have a space to place a tub of water to soak and clean the patient's feet.
A basic pedicure chair may have a space to place a tub of water to soak and clean the patient's feet.

A basic spa chair is simply an adjustable, well padded chair which allows a salon worker to work on the client's hair, face, and nails while the client sits in comfort. These chairs can often be raised and lowered to perform various necessary operations, and they may have reconfigurable armrests and backs as well. Typically, a spa chair will be covered in plastic, vinyl, or another material which can easily be cleaned between clients for a healthy environment.

Fancier spa chairs may include features like automassagers to rub the client's back, or warmers which keep the spa chair toasty while it is in use. These chairs may also have magazine racks, cup holders, and other comfort features added so that clients can relax while stylists work on them. Spa chairs which are designed for pedicures also have a pedicure tub attached.

A basic pedicure chair may simply have a space to place a tub of water to soak and clean the patient's feet. However, many have tubs which are hooked up to the plumbing, allowing stylists to fill and drain the tub periodically through the pedicure process. The tub may also have features like mood lighting and jets so that the client finds the experience more enjoyable. Typically, a foot rest is also mounted to a pedicure spa chair, ensuring that the client's feet will be comfortable while the spa staffer performs the pedicure.

Many companies also design spa chairs with spaces for storage and accessorizing stools and equipment carts. Since many spas make a conscious effort to design a well-coordinated and elegant space, these spa chairs are very popular. It is also usually possible to find interchangeable covers for spa chairs so that colors and themes can be easily changed.

A good spa chair can represent a substantial investment. More elaborate chairs can be extraordinarily expensive, and spas usually go to great lengths to take care of their equipment for this reason. A spa chair must also be easily to keep clean and sanitize, so that a spa can assure patrons of a healthy experience.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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