What are Some Different Types of Swimming Pool Equipment?

Ken Black

Swimming pool equipment runs the gambit from the most expensive motors to the accessories such as colored lights that help to make a pool unique. While having a pool can be a lot of fun and makes for a natural gathering point during parties, it can also be very expensive. Maintaining a pool with the proper swimming pool equipment takes patience and cash, sometimes both in large amounts.

Pools will need to be skimmed free of debris.
Pools will need to be skimmed free of debris.

The most common place to find this equipment is at a swimming pool supply store. These stores carry everything from the chemicals used to make pool water safe to the latest toys and games that make them fun. All of this may be considered swimming pool equipment. The stores also have a wide variety of pool pumps and filters, or at least have a supplier where they can be obtained fairly quickly. Some may even offer pool cleaning and maintenance services.

Pools need chlorine to stay clean.
Pools need chlorine to stay clean.

The types of swimming pool equipment can be broken down into three major areas: the large components, the components essential for daily use, and the accessories. Each has a role, though the first two may be considered more essential than the third. While it may seem that some costs are low and some are high, that can be somewhat deceiving.

The large components making up the first area of swimming pool equipment include the pool pump and pool filter systems. The pump is used to power the pool's circulation system as well as bring water to the filter for cleaning. Initially, these two pieces are going to be the greatest expense, other than the pool construction itself. Both have the capability of running into the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

However, the components of swimming pool equipment that are needed for daily use are often ongoing expenses. These include chemicals that must be replaced at least once a week, if not more frequently. Over time, this can add up to a great expense as well. Chlorine is one the most prominent chemicals for most swimming pools. Others include acid and chemicals designed especially to kill tough algae.

Accessories are, perhaps, the most optional type of swimming pool equipment. One does not need a light to illuminate the pool for night swimming. Deck furniture is also not necessary, though may be desirable. Toys, while a hit among the kids, are another accessory that many do without. However, perhaps due to their optional nature, these accessories often end up being some of the cheapest pieces of equipment available.

The water itself is the most crucial component of any swimming pool.
The water itself is the most crucial component of any swimming pool.

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