What are Water Barbells?

B. Miller

Water barbells are hand weights specially designed for use in the pool. Most are shaped similarly to traditional hand weights, with two weights at each end and a bar across the middle. Short water barbells are designed to be held like hand weights, with one in each hand, while longer barbells are designed to be held with two hands.

Water barbells are often used in water aerobics classes.
Water barbells are often used in water aerobics classes.

Exercising in the water can be a great way to increase physical fitness. Many people think that aerobic exercises such as swimming or water jogging are the only types of exercises that can take place in the pool, but this is not the case. Weight lifting in the water can be a great way to tone muscles and increase strength, while still providing all the benefits of a low-impact workout.

Traditionally, water barbells are designed to float on top of the water. They are then pressed underneath the water for weightlifting; the natural resistance provided by the water is an excellent way to build muscles. It is important to maintain control when using these types of water fitness barbells, and to not allow the barbells to pop back up to the surface of the water.

This is because there are two types of muscle work that increase the strength of the muscles. The first phase, when the muscle is lengthening, is known as the eccentric phase. When the muscle is contracting, it is known as the concentric phase. It is important to not allow the momentum and the returning force of the water to do all the work; instead, make sure to press against the water both when extending and contracting the muscles for full benefits.

There are different water barbells for various resistance levels, depending on one's existing level of physical fitness. In addition, there are many different ways to use water barbells; for instance, one might stand in place and simply lift the barbells, as in traditional weightlifting, or one might jog in place while lifting the weights. Walking or jogging through the water while lifting the barbells can add additional aerobic benefits to the weightlifting benefits. This type of fitness equipment is often used in aqua aerobics classes, as well as in rehabilitation centers. Remember to stay hydrated, even while in the pool, and to warm up and cool down the muscles before and after each workout with water barbells.

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