What are Some Different Healthcare Careers?

Ken Black

There are a myriad of opportunities available as healthcare careers in hospitals, clinics and doctors' offices throughout the world. These jobs run the gambit from administrative jobs to ones that actually deal with patients one-on-one. Whether one chooses to be an administrator, nurse or doctor, healthcare careers offer something for nearly everyone.

Health care careers include doctors, nurses and other care providers and administrators.
Health care careers include doctors, nurses and other care providers and administrators.

When most people think of healthcare careers, they often think of jobs that require a great deal of experience or at least a substantial education. While it is true that many jobs in the healthcare industry require post-high school education and some require advanced degrees, there are plenty of opportunities at all educational levels. Healthcare careers are only limited by one's willingness to do the job. Unskilled positions include being a medical courier, housekeeping and general office duties.

The advantages of healthcare careers are numerous. First, the benefits are usually some of the best of any industry, especially those benefits which are related to healthcare, such as medical insurance. Second, the industry is fairly insulated from recession. While no industry is truly recession-proof, treatment of illness is needed both in good economic times and in bad. Third, the pay is usually above average for jobs requiring similar skill sets in other industries.

However, healthcare careers also have a number of negatives. First, the hours may be irregular. At the very least, they may be long and tedious. Second, working on holidays is nearly always required, at least for front-line medical staff such as nurses. Third, some of the work may be dirty and unpleasant. Still, for an employee who is looking for steady work that is not dependent on the economy, it may be the way to go.

In addition to the fringe benefits of employment, employees often point to other benefits of healthcare careers. Employees are making a difference, each day, in someone's life. They are healing diseases, making a patient more comfortable, or providing a helping hand when it is needed the most. Such things can sometimes mean as much or more than any salary or other type of benefit.

For those looking at healthcare careers, those positions requiring advanced degrees, such as doctors or registered nurses, are in demand. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for those positions is not expected to wane any time in the near future. Furthermore, the pay for those skilled positions is also expected to increase faster than the rate of inflation, meaning those healthcare careers will become increasingly lucrative.

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