What are the Different Health Promotion Jobs?

Jessica Bosari
Jessica Bosari
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Woman in breeze

Promoting healthcare is a vital service needed by any society, educating citizens about how to get and stay healthy. This job requires an understanding of science, motivational psychology and social work. In general, health promotion jobs involve the tasks of public speaking, health education activity planning, developing health education media, health risk assessment, screening for individuals, developing a wellness plan and follow-up evaluations. The different healthcare promotion jobs available will depend on the setting chosen.

In the non-profit sector, there are many large charitable organizations offering health promotion jobs. Organizations like the American Cancer Society need Health Promotion Officers that can assist in designing health campaigns, give presentations to communities, organizing events and training volunteers. The job is a combination of marketing, advertising and social services.

Health promotion jobs in the corporate settings offer the opportunity to work as a Health Trainer and promote worksite wellness, monitor employee health, and serve as a wellness coach for corporate employees. Many corporations are acting on new research that shows formal health promotion programs produce more positive employees who miss less work and experience less stress. All this helps to lower operating costs and reduce health insurance premiums. In this setting, the job involves health education training, individual screening and follow-up evaluations.

The private sector also offers jobs for wellness coaches and health trainers. These may be independent contractors serving the health education needs of individuals and smaller companies. The most common topics discussed in this setting are the importance of proper nutrition and exercise, dangers of tobacco, drug and alcohol abuse, cancer risk, heart disease, and mental health. While this setting offers less job stability, it allows those with health promotion jobs greater flexibility in work schedules and more variety in job tasks.

Health promotion jobs are available in the military as well. The US Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine, also known as USACHPPM, allows civilians to work alongside soldiers. These individuals study health care issues and implementing strategies to promote health. A variety of positions are available.

A master’s degree is needed to secure health promotion jobs in the public sector. This arena offers many rewarding health promotion jobs. Cities as towns need a Director for the Health Department. Colleges need a Coordinator of Drug and Alcohol Prevention. Schools also need health specialists and consultants for the student population. In elementary schools, professionals have the goal of shaping the attitudes and ideas about health that the young population will carry with them into society when they reach adulthood.

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    • Woman in breeze
      Woman in breeze