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How Do I Become a Health Coach?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

To become a health coach, a person must possess the power to motivate others as well as a deep understanding of health. This profession is not as well defined as certain other related medical fields, but as people develop more and more interest in health coaching, new certification and qualification programs arise. For this reason, it is important to stay on top of current requirements for health coaches in your area. In order to become a health coach, you must come up with a plan for getting a job or starting a practice, which can be difficult because not all people know what a health coach is. Marketing your services and promoting your profession can be a major part of reaching your goal.

The first step when trying to become a health coach is deciding what qualifications you will obtain. A good way to find out about what qualifications are required for health coaches in your area is doing research online. Looking at job advertisements for health coaches can also help determine what is currently considered acceptable in this profession. Usually, a bachelor's degree in public health or a related field is considered an appropriate level of education, and additional certifications in coaching or even specifically in health coaching are appealing as well.


Once you are officially qualified to work in this field, the next step is to actually start working. Most people find that starting out working for a company is a good way to become a health coach even if they do not agree entirely with the format of their job. Specifically, many people conduct health and wellness coaching over the telephone or online, which is not always desirable to people who wish for a more interactive dynamic.

When trying to become a health coach, there are a number of strategies that will make finding and keeping a job much easier. Understanding health typically means staying up to date on current factual information about health, such as the effects of exercise and nutritional problems. Being seen as an expert is important for building a trusting relationship between the coach and client. It is also important to consider the people being coached as individuals and have a variety of approaches for meeting their needs.

Health coaching is a constantly evolving field, and a person may find unconventional approaches to this type of coaching or unusual ways in which to provide services. Many coaches find that running a coaching business has the potential to be both more satisfying and more effective than taking a job with a large company. One of the keys to success as an individual entrepreneur in this field is to maintain good business practices and to take the needs of clients seriously.

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