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What are Short Term Apartment Rentals?

Jan Hill
Jan Hill

Short term apartment rentals are typically accommodations available for rent by those who may not wish to sign a long term lease. Charges for short term apartment rentals usually include furnishings, utilities, and housewares. They may be used by those relocating to a new city, business travelers, or vacationers who prefer not to stay in a hotel. Those who have sold their home and not yet found a new one sometimes consider short term leasing.

Short term apartments typically feature the amenities that are found in most homes. These might include kitchenware, furniture, bedding and linens. Swimming pools and spas are sometimes included. These types of rentals usually range in size from a studio up to three bedrooms or more.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Many short term apartment rentals are available for rent by the week or month. They often provide flexible leasing terms that appeal to frequent travelers and those who need temporary housing. Short term apartment rentals are typically available worldwide in many cities.

Those who are relocating to a new city may lease an apartment on a short term basis so that they are able to take their time hunting for a new house. Because short term apartment rentals are usually fully furnished, those moving can leave their household items and furniture in storage until a permanent home is found. This eliminates the need to move twice, and reduces the work and stress of relocation.

Corporations may choose short term apartment rentals for employee business travel, especially for frequent travel to the same cities. Short term apartment rental agencies sometimes offer incentives and discounts for corporate customers who regularly use their services. Corporate housing in short term apartments is often directly billed to the corporation. This simplifies expense accounting for business travelers.

Vacationers who plan to travel for several weeks or more sometimes choose short term apartment rentals over a hotel. The reasons might include affordable price, a more "home-like" atmosphere, and convenience. Because most short-term apartments feature fully-equipped kitchens, they are a plus for those wishing to avoid the expense of restaurant meals.

Individuals who have sold their home and need temporary accommodations until a new house can be found might favor a short term lease arrangement. They may choose to rent an apartment for a few weeks or several months, depending on how long it takes them to find another home. Renting a short term apartment in an area where they are considering living may also help them decide whether or not to buy a home or sign a long term lease in that neighborhood.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing