What are the Different Types of Short Term Rental Apartments?

B. Miller

There are a few different types of short term rental apartments that can be taken advantage of for various reasons. Some people choose to rent an apartment for the short term for monetary reasons, in order to save money they would spend on a longer lease. Others do not have a choice, and will only be living in a place for a brief period of time. Sublets, corporate housing, and even room rentals are all different types of short term rental apartments.

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A sublet is one of the most common types of short term rental apartments. In this type of living situation, one rents an apartment from someone who has already leased the apartment; the one subletting the apartment does not lease the apartment directly from the landlord. People often choose to sublet their apartments when they will be traveling for work for a lengthy period of time. In this type of rental, the subletter will move into the apartment typically for a month or a few months until the apartment renter returns.

A sublet can be a great idea for short term rental apartments because they often come completely furnished, and with most or all utilities included in the cost of the monthly rent. Of course, each sublet agreement may vary. It is important to specify all requirements ahead of time, as well as to sign a rental agreement, and to verify that the landlord is sanctioning the sublet.

Corporate housing arrangements are also a common type of short term rental apartment. When a company transfers an employee to a new location, the company may offer the employee the option of a short term rental while he or she looks for more permanent housing, such as an apartment with a longer lease, or a house to purchase. The short term rental apartments for corporate housing may be actual apartments, or they may be a suite in a hotel, for example.

Though not technically considered short term rental apartments, room rentals can also be a short term living solution. One may choose to rent a room in someone's home or apartment for a few weeks or a few months; this type of housing is common with college students, who may rent a room for the semester. Taking advantage of short term housing situations can be a great way to save money and live with more flexibility before finding a long term place to settle down.

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The shortest possible rental is probably when you rent a room. These usually go month to month. So you stay as long as you like and you pay the rent monthly. The best part is that you just need to give one month notice to the landlord before leaving. So you don't have to worry about losing your deposit or subleasing the place.

The one downside I can think of is that room rentals that are available in urban areas are pretty costly. I rented a room in Washington D.C. during graduate school. I could have rented an entire apartment with that money in the suburbs.


I subleased apartments pretty much throughout college. The reason was that leases lasted for one year and generally went from August to August. But most college students leave for home during the summer semester unless they are taking classes.

Sometimes I subleased my apartment so that I could go home for a couple of months and wouldn't have to pay rent. I also subleased myself when I returned early in the summer to take a class. The great part was that there were so many students looking for and giving up apartments, that it always got resolved very quickly and easily.

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