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What Are Ice Cream Cupcakes?

Nicole Etolen
Nicole Etolen

Ice cream cupcakes can come in several different forms. Some are regular cupcakes that are decorated in a way that makes them look like ice cream treats, while others actually contain the cold, creamy dessert. In some cases, the treat can be made entirely of ice cream, but designed to look like cupcakes. All varieties make fun desserts for a party or as a special after dinner treat. Ice cream cupcakes can either be bought from a store or made at home.

Regular cupcakes that are designed to look like ice cream cupcakes are one of the easiest types to make because they do not require actual ice cream. These cupcakes are usually made in ice cream cones and topped with swirled icing and sprinkles to make them look more authentic. One benefit of using cones is that they tend to be less messy than cupcake wrappers because they contain loose pieces of cake and crumbs.

Woman baking cookies
Woman baking cookies

Ice cream cupcakes that are partially made from ice cream are a little trickier to make because the ice cream part has to remain frozen. Freezing can have the effect of drying out the cake part, though, so these treats usually can't be stored for long. They are usually a hit at parties, especially with kids. There are several ways to make these cupcakes. The easiest method is to top the cooled cupcakes with a layer of ice cream right before serving, then let party guests add embellishments like sprinkles. Those with a little more patience can layer cake, ice cream, and sprinkles or cookie crumbs, similar to the way a full-size ice cream cake is made.

Another type of ice cream cupcake is made entirely of ice cream, but crafted to look like cupcakes. These are very easy to make, as they just involve placing hard ice cream into cupcake wrappers and decorating the tops with icing or sprinkles. It is important to keep them frozen until party-goers are ready to enjoy them. This will also prevent them from melting too quickly while eating them. To avoid messes, it may be a good idea to place them in small bowls or on dessert plates.

The different types of ice cream cupcakes can have limitless variations, with different flavors and embellishments. Those who are more artistic can create elaborate designs, while those with more simple tastes may opt for basic whipped cream and sprinkles on top. One benefit of ice cream cupcakes over a whole ice cream cake is that each cupcake could contain a different flavor, so everyone’s tastes are accommodated.

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    • Woman baking cookies
      Woman baking cookies