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How Do I Choose the Best Used Ice Cream Machines?

Angela Farrer
Angela Farrer

You can choose the best used ice cream machines based on their size, quality, and the specific types of ice cream machines you want to purchase. Many used ice cream machines come with low prices but without the warranties of new ones, so you want to first be sure your used machine is in the best possible working condition. Your purpose for buying this type of machine can be an additional deciding factor. Small and simple ice cream machines usually work well for home use, but you will probably need to invest more in your equipment if you are starting your own ice cream business.

The amount of required space will often play a role in the types of used ice cream machines you decide to buy. Some simple machines will fit on a small section of your kitchen counter, but others can be nearly as large as a refrigerator. Another important factor to consider is the volume of ice cream you plan to make on a regular basis. If you will be operating your own ice cream truck or ice cream parlor, you will generally want a machine that will make enough batches to meet daily customer demands.

An ice cream cone.
An ice cream cone.

Sanitation and quality are usually big deciding factors when you are purchasing used ice cream machines. Most professional-grade machines have multiple parts that need to be dismantled and thoroughly cleaned after each daily use. This process is often time-consuming and somewhat labor-intensive, but neglecting it can easily lead to contamination. Before buying any used ice cream machines, you want to be sure that the previous owners paid careful attention to keeping the machines properly sanitized.

Soft serve ice cream.
Soft serve ice cream.

Electric ice cream machines are the most popular choices for both home and commercial use. These types of machines are usually available in two specific models, one of which comes with a freezer bowl that needs to be left overnight in the kitchen freezer. This component has a layer of solidifying liquid or gel between its inner and outer walls that allows the ice cream ingredients to thicken quickly once they are poured into the bowl.

Used ice cream machines with freezer bowls tend to cost less, although they take additional time and preparation for each ice cream batch. A higher-priced fully automated ice cream machine is the second option, It does not require a freezer bowl and makes each batch with the simple push of a button.

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    • An ice cream cone.
      By: dim@dim
      An ice cream cone.
    • Soft serve ice cream.
      By: m.u.ozmen
      Soft serve ice cream.