What Are Hugger Ceiling Fans?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton
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Woman posing

People with very low ceilings may sometimes install hugger ceiling fans. These fans are typically mounted very close to or directly on the ceiling. They typically have no downrod, a long pole to suspend the device. The distance between the base of the blade and the fans is also smaller than that of a downrod fan. These flush mount ceiling fans come in a variety of sizes and styles, and may or may not have a light fixture attached.

A hugger ceiling fan normally consists of a rounded base with four or five blades suspended below it. The base is typically mounted directly onto the ceiling in order to provide more head room underneath the device. This makes it ideal for areas which may have a low ceiling, such as a basement or attic. It can also be used in rooms with ceilings more than eight feet (2.44 m) high. This is usually done when placed in a location that requires people to walk underneath the fan on a regular basis.

Hugger ceiling fans may have blades that range anywhere from 36 to 52 inches (91.44 to 132.08 cm) long. Smaller ceiling fans normally have four blades, while those that are longer may have five. The blades can be a number of colors or wood grain patterns. Some may have artwork or other intricate designs on them as well, especially models designed for children's bedrooms.

Light fixtures are sometimes attached to hugger ceiling fans. The most common type is a round globe suspended very close to the base of the ceiling fan. This covering normally lifts off so a standard light bulb can be placed inside it. A model with a light on it typically has two chains, one to power the fan blades and the other to turn the light on and off. This light mechanism can be turned on even if the blades are not running, and the blades can be set in motion while the light itself is turned off.

The cost of hugger ceiling fans is only slightly more than that of traditional units. Most models do not need to be oiled often and rarely need repair once they have been installed. It is very easy to clean flush mount ceiling fans with a long-handled dusting wand. One of these units typically lasts for several years, making it a good choice even for people who do not have low ceilings.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing