What are Government Research Grants?

Erin J. Hill

Government research grants are sums of money given to organizations, universities, and other institutions to allow the further study and research on a given topic. Common research topics include cancer research, stem cell research, and other health and disease related studies. These are meant to provide additional funding for scientists and researchers who are on the verge of new information.

The government funds many research programs, especially in science and medicine.
The government funds many research programs, especially in science and medicine.

In many situations, government research grants are given to organizations that are studying a topic the government would like to see furthered. For example, government agencies may give funds to institutions for the study of environmental issues. This is a topic that effects the population as a whole, and is an important topic for study.

Grant money may be awarded to those who are researching topics that require immediate attention. For instance, if a new disease is found or becomes more severe than expected, grants may be given to scientists who are capable of finding a treatment, vaccine, or cure for the illness in the least amount of time. Money is generally used for research supplies and study groups to test any findings.

To get government research grants, the organization must craft a grant proposal. This is a document stating the type of research being done, any breakthroughs or promising discoveries that have been found so far, and why the organization believes it is deserving of grant funds. Some grants are annually given for a specific type of research, while some organizations send proposals as a petition for grant funds.

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Not all qualified organizations will receive government research grants. These researchers may have to rely on investors and donations in order to complete their research. The best way of securing grant money is to submit all proposals by deadline, if applicable, and to hire a professional grant writer to complete the task.

Government research grants may also be given for non-scientific research. This may include research regarding public behavior or opinion, and money may be needed to fund widespread research and focus groups. Grants of this type may be given primarily to groups who are finding out opinions on topics the government deems important.

The amount each grant will be worth may vary from grant to grant, and year to year. For annual grants, deadlines will need to be met in order to be eligible and all guidelines should be thoroughly read and applied. Not all organizations can be funded, but it is generally acceptable for research groups to apply for several grants at once, or to re-apply more than one year if their grant proposal is turned down.

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