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What are the Different Government Grant Programs?

Erin J. Hill
Erin J. Hill

There are various types of government grant programs that both citizens and organizations can take advantage of. Some of these are income-based, while others help to support issues, businesses, and organizations that provide services and products that the government deems necessary. Most government grant programs require an application to be filled out in order for the group or person to be eligible.

One of the types of government grant programs is financial assistance for higher education. Most education grants are income-based, with lower income students generally gaining more assistance. There are some localized government grant programs that may provide financial support to higher income students as well, however, so all students should apply to check for eligibility.

Man climbing a rope
Man climbing a rope

To apply for education grants, it is generally required that the student fill out a tuition assistance form. This is a document that will be examined by government officials, and it contains information regarding income, assets, and property values. There is often a deadline for handing in this form, so applying early is usually a good idea.

Other government grant programs are there to assist nonprofit organizations. These can be to fund special projects or fundraisers, or to help the organization get started. Most of the time the nonprofit founder applies for the grant by doing a grant proposal. This is a written document stating why a particular organization should be award a grant. The proposal should include information about the nonprofit’s mission statement, the group of people it aims to help or educate, and a listing of all founders and board members.

Some small business start-ups may also be eligible for government grant programs. These generally include businesses that the government would like to support, such as renewable energy businesses and other environmental start ups. The type of businesses that are accepted may vary, and a grant proposal is generally needed.

To help increase the chances of a business or organization being accepted for a grant, there are trained grant writers who specialize in writing grant proposals. These professionals know what the government looks for in an organization, as well as how to display information more effectively. The cost of qualified grant writers may vary based on location, but is generally more affordable than losing a grant due to a poorly written proposal.

Businesses, individuals, and organizations can look online to find a full listing of government grant programs that may be available. Deadlines are often enforced yearly for many grants, so applying early is a good idea. This does not guarantee that a company will receive a grant, even if it is eligible, because many programs have a limited number of recipients per year.

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    • Man climbing a rope
      Man climbing a rope