What are Deep Water Aerobics?

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

Water workouts are a popular form of staying in shape due to their lack of impact on the body. Deep water aerobics are one option for people who wish to work out in water. This aerobic exercise uses a variety of muscles to engage the body in a challenging workout.

Water aerobics is an exercise performed in a pool.
Water aerobics is an exercise performed in a pool.

Most people can benefit from water exercise. People can begin deep water workouts at any nearly fitness level. Considered safe and gentle, it is still an effective calorie burning exercise. Suspension in deep water during these exercises, such as in the case of deep water walking, requires more energy to be used during movement. This results in more calories burned.

Aerobics instructors classify general water aerobics with an easy rating. Deep water aerobics, while increasing the resistance used, is still not considered difficult. To embark on a deep water aerobics routine, a flotation belt or water buoy will be needed. This allows the body to remain suspended in the water without being fully submerged beneath the water.

Once the flotation device is secure, an exerciser can enter the deep end of the pool. The device should not be loose to ensure proper fit and safety. Once in the water, the exerciser can move his or her legs in a running motion, as if jogging. Legs should engage in a circular motion while arms are pumping to simulate land running.

While this movement can be done in place, full mobility is encouraged. By learning forward, the runner can travel back and forth across the deep water. Once the runner is comfortable in the water, he or she can focus on doing laps as quickly as he or she possibly can for maximum health benefits.

Other movements are also possible during deep water workouts. The exerciser may perform straight leg kicks, alternating from one leg to the other. Sideways leaps, simulation jump roping, and other exercises can be done as well.

People with joint or other problems that prevent them from jogging or running may wish to use deep water aerobics as a similar alternative. The results from working out using water as resistance are similar to running. They are obtained in a way, however, that eases the strain on joints and supports bodily movement.

Exercisers often report great enjoyment when engaging in deep water aerobics as well. Many people enjoy spending time in the water, which can making working out seem more like a fun activity, and less like a chore. People with weight problems have discovered that deep water aerobics allow them to engage in exercise without the discomfort and injuries that other traditional workouts can cause.

Deep water aerobics are considered especially beneficial for people who already cross-train. These workouts can yield an increase in desired results when used in a regime that typically only includes walking, running, biking, or swimming in general. Including a variety of activities during one's exercise routine can help provide a well-rounded workout that engages all of the body's muscles.

Sara Schmidt
Sara Schmidt

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