What is a Water Aerobic Belt?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

A water aerobic belt is a piece of equipment that is intended for use during water exercises. The belt is worn around the waist and is intended to assist with buoyancy and stability during water exercise routines. This sort of exercise is often practiced by older people, people who are recovering from injuries, or people who require low-impact exercise for any reason. One of the benefits of water aerobics is that the body is allowed to float in the water, taking pressure off of the bones and joints, while still benefiting from exercises that improve muscle tone and cardiovascular health.

Water aerobics is an exercise performed in a pool.
Water aerobics is an exercise performed in a pool.

Basic water exercises such as swimming do not require the use of a water aerobic belt. Other exercises, such as aerobic routines, often do require the use of this kind of belt. The buoyant benefit of water can also be a problem for exercisers who need to maintain balance while participating in a fitness program. The belt helps to keep water exercisers upright and balanced during fitness circuits.

While performing exercises in deep water, a water aerobic belt is especially useful. Although treading water for a long period of time is a great way to burn calories, it can be too strenuous for some people. A water aerobic belt helps to keep the wearer buoyant in the water but does require some treading. This means that the belt assists the wearer without completely negating the effect of the exercise. The belt can also be worn in shallow water simply for added balance and support.

Some fitness equipment companies sell kits for use during water aerobics. In addition to a water aerobic belt, these kits often include aqua barbells. Aqua barbells are made of buoyant foam and are used for muscle training. By pushing the barbells under the water, holding them there, and repeating the movement, the muscles in the arms are engaged and exercised.

Water aerobic belts come in many sizes to fit a range of body shapes and body types. Furthermore, most belts have an adjustable strap that can be used to fit the belt snugly against the body. This is an important feature for anyone who plans to use water aerobics as a weight loss method.

Before investing in a water aerobic belt, consider taking a class in this kind of exercise. Most of these kinds of classes have belts on hand for those who attend. This is also a good way to try a brand that makes these kinds of belts before making a purchase.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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