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Should I Use Free Website Hosting for my Site?

Ken Black
Ken Black

For those who are just getting into the idea of website design, free website hosting may sound ideal. The website, and often the tools to help you create the pages, are all there. However, as with most things, those offering the service must make money on it in some way. That could lead to advantages and disadvantages with the choice.

For those who want a personal site to share information with other family and friends, a free website hosting service may be the best way to go. The biggest advantage is that there is no cost. There is no need to worry about what the domain name might be because you will know everyone visiting the page and can send them the URL address directly. Thus, for those people, free website hosting is an easy answer.

Some free website hosting services make heavy use of annoying ads, so check in advance.
Some free website hosting services make heavy use of annoying ads, so check in advance.

Also, for those who are bothered by pop-up ads, it is best to check ahead and see which ads may be utilized by a free website hosting service. Some may make heavy use of such ads. Others may use ads that shake annoyingly and are a nuisance. Others may use questionable advertising methods, such as telling each visitor they are the 10 millionth visitor to the site and they have won a prize. Such ads may reflect poorly on you, even though they are not your ads.

For those who may be looking at conducting business over the Internet, especially through the use of an online shop, free website hosting is not a good choice. A website host may not offer any commerce ability at all. The domain name may be long, and may not truly reflect your business. Further, some pop-up ads, and other ads on the page, are placed there strategically after searching through the text on the site. Therefore, ads on your website could be promoting a competitor.

In some cases, for those who may want to attract more people to the website, free website hosting may not be the choice either. Some search engines are programmed to automatically exclude free web hosting domains, meaning there is no chance your site would ever be picked up. Others may put them down lower in the search listings. So if there are thousands or millions of sites on that topic, it is just as bad as not listing it at all.

Free website hosting services appeal to a very particular niche. For some, they may be the right choice. For others, it could be a very bad experience. The best option you have, if considering a free website host, is to thoroughly research the options available. Read reviews and look at other sites from the host. Some hosts may be better than others.

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Just because a website offers free hosting does not mean someone is not making money somewhere. On these free sites, that is usually from ads. There is a good purpose in having free websites and they suit the needs of many people.

I don't think you will find a free website that does not put ads on your site though. If that does not bother you, then you should have no problems at all. If you have created your website to sell products or services, this might be a disadvantage for potential customers.

Many people do not have extra funds when they are first starting out, so this can be a good way to get started. But as soon as you start making some profit, I would look in to a plan that does not have the ads.


Using a free website hosting service can be a great way to get started. Many people who have little computer experience or website design experience can create a nice looking free website and have it hosted for free as well.

If you are using this for your own personal use to keep in touch with friends and family, this is a great alternative. If you are wanting to create a website for a business, you may want to consider some other alternatives.

I used free website hosting with my first website, but quickly became frustrated at how slow the service was. This is not good if you are wanting to build a business, as most people don't have much patience for a site that loads slowly.

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    • Some free website hosting services make heavy use of annoying ads, so check in advance.
      By: bloomua
      Some free website hosting services make heavy use of annoying ads, so check in advance.