How Effective Is Caffeine for Cellulite?

Angela Farrer

The effectiveness of caffeine for cellulite depends on the frequency of product use, the type of caffeine-containing cellulite remedy, and whether it is used in conjunction with other measures, such as regular exercise and proper hydration. The caffeine from coffee grounds can sometimes temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite, as can over-the-counter caffeine cream. Cellulite can occur mostly in women regardless of weight or age, and it is the result of structural weakness in the underlying connective tissue meant to keep fat cells away from the skin's surface. Medical researchers have several theories as to the cause of this connective tissue's loss of elasticity such as hormone fluctuations and the effects of sun exposure.


The rough skin texture that characterizes cellulite comes from the bulging of fat cells through the perforated layer of tissue that normally serves as a barrier between the cells and the underside of the top surface of the skin. Caffeine for cellulite can be effective at smoothing the skin surface, although it does not eliminate the condition permanently. Some researchers who have tested coffee for cellulite as a home remedy recommend that the mixture usually needs to be applied several times a day on a consistent basis. Skipping more than a few applications can usually cause the cellulite to return to its normal appearance within a relatively short time.

Exercise and proper hydration in conjunction with caffeine may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.
Exercise and proper hydration in conjunction with caffeine may help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Caffeine for cellulite works by stimulating the drainage of retained fluid that can cause the fat cells in cellulite to become more prominent. While caffeine creams and lotions usually reduce the appearance of cellulite when applied topically, caffeine consumed in coffee and similar beverages can worsen its appearance because they act as diuretics. Some skin care experts report that over-the-counter caffeine creams are more effective when they are massaged into the cellulite areas until completely absorbed. Daily hydration with plenty of water is often an essential part of reducing this skin condition, along with regular application of topical caffeine for cellulite.

Any type of topical cellulite remedy is the most effective when used alongside other measures that are generally the best ones for shrinking the size of the fat cells themselves. These practices include cardiovascular exercise, a healthy diet high in vegetables and fruit, and reduction of foods high in sodium. Cigarette smoking and excessive consumption of processed foods that are high in refined sugars can also contribute to the problem of cellulite. Caffeine for cellulite is generally not considered a single remedy but part of a set of healthy lifestyle habits designed to help remedy this common skin condition.

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