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What Is a Cellulite Vacuum?

Karize Uy
Karize Uy

A cellulite vacuum is the primary tool used to minimize the appearance of cellulite. The machine produces suction motions to massage the cellulite-ridden areas and to improve the quality of the skin. It is most often used in large areas where cellulite is most likely to form, such as in the legs, thighs, and the buttocks.

Cellulite is seen as little bulges or “dimples” under the skin because of the extra fat deposited in the tissues near the skin surface. These tissues are not elastic as some of the body’s tissues are and are, therefore, unable to expand and accommodate the fat inside it. This results in the fat being pushed towards the skin, creating a lumpy appearance in the area. Cellulite can also be caused by poor blood circulation, a sedentary lifestyle, and insufficient exercise habits.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

To prevent all these, the cellulite vacuum removes and separates the cellulite from the tissues and the muscles so that they can be effectively reduced through further massaging and some exercise. The vacuum also increases blood circulation to assist in getting rid of the cellulite and other toxins. This cellulite therapy also promotes lymphatic drainage for the other bodily fluids to be eliminated from the body. In many cases, the vacuum therapy also includes a massaging session to manually release the cellulite and toxins from the body. Many vacuums even have a built-in massager that simultaneously rubs and kneads the area while the vacuum process is at work.

Body-conscious people have favored the cellulite vacuum because it not as painful as liposuction and can be very soothing due to the massaging action. This cellulite remedy is also non-invasive, so the skin and tissues will not experience any scarring. It should be noted, however, that patients may experience some muscle soreness for a few days, because the muscles are massaged deeply.

Aside from the reduction of cellulite appearance, patients can also reap some other benefits from a cellulite vacuum, such as smoother and tighter skin, toned legs and buttocks, and a healthier skin color because of the improved blood flow. Knotted muscles are also more relaxed as toxins and fluids are flushed out. Patients must remember that proper exercise and regular physical activities will improve the results brought about by cellulite vacuum therapy.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book