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How do I Write a Business Analyst Cover Letter?

N. Kalu
N. Kalu

Writing a business analyst cover letter is a matter of conveying your experience in a logical and convincing manner. You should also make sure to express why you are interested in the specific company. Having the correct format and following standard cover letter guidelines is also recommended.

Make sure to correctly format your business analyst cover letter. In the introduction, you should explain your educational experience in a compelling way as well as how your experience matches the position the company is offering. The body of your cover letter should note your broad experience in the analytics field as well as reasons for applying to the business analyst job. It should be interesting and well thought out, not just a bulleted list or outline. Your conclusion should thank the recruiter and encourage the reader to refer to your resume.

Business analyst cover letters should be signed by hand in blue or black ink.
Business analyst cover letters should be signed by hand in blue or black ink.

You should include your educational background and credentials at the beginning of your cover letter. Be sure to let the recruiter know where you went to school and what sort of degree you obtained. It is important to include any school work or research completed that pertains to a business analyst position. Large-scale projects involving data analysis, statistics, and predictive modeling are worth mentioning in your business analyst cover letter.

Detailing your professional accomplishments in the business analytics field should be a top priority when writing your business analyst cover letter. Mention project teams that you have led as a business analyst. Be sure to include any promotions that you received at previous companies. Your accomplishments should also include quantifiable goals achieved. For example, you could mention that due to your analytical efforts, advertising revenue increased by a certain percentage. If you are going to provide these kind of numbers to explain your professional achievements, make certain that you calculate them correctly.

An important part of writing a cover letter involves letting the recruiter know why you are interested in the company and the position. Before writing the cover letter, research the company in question and come up with compelling reasons of why you would like to work for the company. Point to specific factors, such as the unique fields of work the company offers, the generous benefit packages for employees, or the prestige of a certain manager or executive at the company. Highlighting something specific about the company will make your business analyst cover letter stand out from the competition.

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    • Business analyst cover letters should be signed by hand in blue or black ink.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Business analyst cover letters should be signed by hand in blue or black ink.