How Do I Prevent Frizzy Ends?

Jessica Ellis

Frizzy ends can make a sleek, sophisticated hairstyle look like an over-processed mess. To avoid this all-too-common hair malady, take simple steps that can help prevent, or at least disguise, frizzy ends. Some of the best ways to avoid frizz at the bottom of hair include getting regular trims, reducing damaging hair treatments, conditioning regularly, and using the right style products to eliminate frizz.

Damaged hair cuticles lead to split ends.
Damaged hair cuticles lead to split ends.

One of the most common reasons hair can look frizzy is because of split ends. When hair is damaged, it may split strands into two or more pieces near the ends, creating additional volume and the appearance of increased frizz. If split ends are ignored, the split may travel up the hair shaft, damaging more and more of each strand as it climbs. Getting a trim every two to three months can rid the hair of damaged ends and keep strands looking well-groomed.

Leave-in conditioner helps moisturize the hair cuticle and prevents split ends.
Leave-in conditioner helps moisturize the hair cuticle and prevents split ends.

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Since frizz is often caused by damage, preventing frizzy ends can mean cutting down on some treatments that may damage hair. Frequent dyeing or bleaching, even when done by a professional, can eventually wreak havoc on formerly healthy hair. Processing treatments, such as perms or straightening jobs, can also increase overall damage to hair. Cutting back on at-home blow outs, curling, and flat ironing can also help reduce damage, thus preventing frizzy ends.

One of the keys to keeping hair from frizzing is adequate conditioner. Choosing a conditioner that matches hair type can also be a big factor in reducing frizz, since not all types of hair will respond correctly to certain ingredients. For those with major frizz problems, look for a de-frizzing conditioner that contains moisturizing oils, such as coconut, olive, or jojoba. Those who have occasional or minor problems with frizz may want to use a lighter conditioner, especially if hair is fine or thin, as thicker formulas may weigh hair down and create a greasy feel.

In addition to using an appropriate conditioner, frizzy ends can also be prevented or managed by using good styling products. In order to protect hair from damage that can lead to frizz, use heat-styling serums before blow-drying, curling, or straightening hair. Consider using a light leave-in conditioner to keep hair from drying out and frizzing throughout the day. If frizzy ends appear after hair is already styled, run a bit of finishing cream, hairspray, or even light hand moisturizer through the ends to calm flyaway strands.

Getting regular trims may help prevent frizzy ends.
Getting regular trims may help prevent frizzy ends.

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