How Do I Control Frizzy Black Hair?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
Man with hands on his hips
Man with hands on his hips

You can control frizzy black hair by moisturizing it, using anti-frizz products, and braiding it before you sleep. Moisturizing your hair makes it less likely to frizz. Anti-frizz products can also be helpful when trying to eliminate frizz. In addition, you can braid the hair and sleep on it until it is dry and then undo the braids to enjoy wavy, frizz-free hair. Lastly, if your hair seems extremely frizzy and nothing seems to solve the problem, you maybe want to see a hair stylist.

One way to control frizzy black hair is to keep it well moisturized. Well-moisturized hair is generally less frizzy overall because it is healthier. You can moisturize African-American hair in a lot of the same ways as other kinds of hair; for example, deep conditioning once or twice a week and applying a leave-in conditioner during the day can help. Sometimes switching shampoos to a gentler product can also help keep the hair moisturized. In fact, some people adopt a “no poo” stance, where they do not wash their hair at all, preferring to rinse it in the shower.

After shampooing or just rinsing the hair, depending on your routine, apply an anti-frizz product. Your hair should still be reasonably damp when the product is applied for it to be most effective. Once done, either let the hair air dry or blow it dry. Try not to excessively brush or comb the hair, but proceed to style it as usual.

Another way to control frizzy black hair is to braid it while it is still damp from your shower or bath. The ideal number of braids depends on the thickness of your hair, but four to six braids tends to work for most people. Sleep on the braids using a silky pillow so as not to rough up your hair or accidentally pull out hair while tossing and turning in your sleep. Once the braids are dry, undo them and comb through the hair with a wide-toothed comb and then use a finishing spray to hold the frizz-free waves in place.

Sometimes frizzy black hair is a sign of damaged hair, especially if the frizziness is only on the ends. Long split ends often feel and look frizzy. Split ends are likely if you have not had your hair cut within the past few months or if you often use heat-styling tools. You can see a hair stylist who can assess how much hair to cut off to eliminate the frizz.

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    • Man with hands on his hips
      Man with hands on his hips