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How do I Make a DIY Headboard?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

Making a do it yourself (DIY) headboard can be quick, easy and a great way to create unique style in any bedroom. There are endless ways to make a DIY headboard from fabric, paint, mirrors, shelves, drawers, or even a recycled fence gate. You may have most of the items you need in your home for headboard crafts, but if not, they are typically inexpensive and easy to find. Allow your imagination and sense of resourcefulness to guide you when making your DIY headboard.

First, plan your unique headboard by deciding on the style that would best suit the bed and bedroom. Generally, a headboard is rectangular in shape, but it can be of any height. The width is determined by that of the bed. In some cases, a DIY headboard might look attractive if it extends beyond the bed's width, but usually keeping it about as wide as the bed works well. If wall-attached reading lamps or little shelves are to go on either side of the headboard, then a width narrower than the bed will be needed.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Brainstorming all kinds of DIY headboard ideas by letting your imagination run wild is a great idea before editing down your choices of materials to use. It may be easier to think of creative ideas for headboards if you analyze them in terms of what would work best in your space. For instance, in a small bedroom, a mirrored headboard may make the space appear larger. Framed full-length mirrors placed either horizontally or vertically on the wall above the bed can create a simple, yet stunning headboard. Painting or finishing the wood or metal mirror frames to match dressers or wardrobes can coordinate the look with the rest of the bedroom.

A small rug or wall hanging can be used as an instant DIY headboard. Painting in the area behind the head of the bed is another way to create a headboard. Everything from a border with a design inside to a mini mural or lettering that spells out a message or quotes from a book or poem can be an excellent way to express your personality in a headboard. A wrought iron gate hung above the bed can make an elegant and dramatically romantic headboard. Dresser drawers can be recycled and refinished to be hung on the wall to make a creative storage headboard.

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Metal wall decorations make unique headboards when they are hung in the right order that makes them look like they are actual headboards. These decorative items can be found at retail stores, and are fairly inexpensive. You can change them to fit your bedroom decor by painting them. You can use as many or as few as you like to create a unique pattern for a customized DIY headboard.


Antique shops, yard sales, and flea markets often have old headboards for sale. They are usually inexpensive, which will save you some money that you can spend on paint to fix it up.

With a little sanding and painting, you will have a DIY headboard that didn't cost a lot of money but looks new and fresh.


A unique way to make a DIY headboard is with textured wall covering material and a mirror.

Find a piece of cardboard or wood that is the length and width that you want your headboard to be. Cover it with the textured all covering. If it is not the kind that is self-adhesive, you will need some wallpaper glue for the project.

After you have made your basic headboard piece, place any sized mirror on it with adhesive backing tape. Put the headboard in place with small brackets behind your bed. No one will know how easy and cheap this project was, because it will look custom-made.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip