How Do I Choose the Best Upholstered Bed Frame?

Dan Cavallari

An upholstered bed frame differs from other types of bed frames in that it will feature fabric and padding around part or all of the exposed frame. This is done for comfort as well as for aesthetic appeal. When choosing the best upholstered bed frame for your bedroom, it is first important to determine the proper size. You can do this by measuring any existing mattress and/or box spring, as well as the dimensions of the bedroom itself. Choose between platform beds that do not require a box spring, and bed rail frames that do require a box spring.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Once you have a general idea of what type and size of frame you need, think carefully about the type of upholstery you want your upholstered bed frame to feature. Leather is a common choice for such frames, but it can be quite expensive. The advantage to high-grade leather, however, is its durability and beauty: the leather is likely to last for many years, and it will not go out of style. In fact, as the leather ages, it is likely to be come even more aesthetically appealing. If, however, leather is out of your price range, several other materials are available for the upholstered bed frame. Try to choose a material that will be stylish for many years, as well as durable and resistant to damage. Try to find materials that are treated for stain resistance as well.

Some frames are upholstered only on the headboard, while others may feature upholstery on both the headboard and footboard. Still others may feature upholstery on the rails and supports. Each configuration will change the look of the upholstered bed frame, so you will need to figure out which look suits your needs best. If you choose an upholstered bed frame that is upholstered only on parts of the frame, such as only on the headboard and footboard, try to choose a frame that features attractive solid materials where upholstery is not present.

Hardwoods are commonly used to make frames because they are durable and attractive. If part of the frame will not be upholstered, hardwood is a good choice, though you should expect to pay more for it. Softwoods are less expensive, but also more susceptible to various types of damage. Sometimes the upholstered bed frame may feature metal framing material; steel and iron are the most common choices. Iron can be expensive and very heavy, while steel tends to be more affordable and somewhat lighter.

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