What is a Wall Mounted Headboard?

Mandi R. Hall
Mandi R. Hall
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

A wall mounted headboard is typically attached to the wall and the head of the bed. When wall mounted, a headboard can make a bed more sturdy. The headboard, depending on its design, may be used for either aesthetic purposes, utility purposes, or both. It can be made from a variety of materials, though wood is one of the most popular. A wall mounted headboard may also be padded or covered in material coordinated with a bedroom's overall style.

The wooden wall mounted headboard is popular due to the variety of styles it can be carved into. Classy and ornate, or rugged and simple, the headboard can be used as a decorative accessory or as a functional shelf. The wood may be stained a variety of colors. It may also be left as is for a simple look. It is fastened to the wall using different sorts of metal and wood fasteners.

Depending on the design and size of the wall mounted headboard, it may be used as a shelf or storage area. Books, lamps, knick-knacks, and art may be placed atop the headboard. Owners should take care, however, to make sure the board is securely attached to the wall, and that the items on the shelf are also secure. Adding an lip to the headboard can help secure items, as well.

Such a headboard may resemble the streamlined look of a simple rectangle. It may reach the middle of a normal-sized wall in height. A wall mounted headboard may contain an entire shelving system that extends to the ceiling. The headboard may also be far wider than the bed, incorporating shelving the height of the bed or higher. Many people use a headboard shelving system to save space and manage clutter in small spaces.

A wall mounted headboard may also be purely used for design purposes. Richly ornate designs aren't very functional, but they do serve the purpose of aesthetics. An upholstered headboard may be made with a solid or patterned fabric. Such a wall mounted headboard may also be reupholstered when a room is redesigned. Sometimes an upholstered wall mounted headboard may even be washable.

The leather wall mounted headboard has become increasingly popular in design. With a classy, vintage feel, a leather headboard is also mounted to the wall using fasteners. Like other headboards, the design needn't match the rest of the bed, though it may.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip