How Do I Get Overseas Work Experience?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Having a valid passport is important when applying for jobs overseas.
Having a valid passport is important when applying for jobs overseas.

Those who desire to work overseas have a few ways of making this dream a reality. You first should consider applying to overseas job ads, or simply contacting companies in which you are interested in working for. Another method of finding overseas employment opportunities is choosing an agency that can conduct the job search for you after you mention your preferences and possibly pay a fee. An additional approach is to find out if your current employer has international offices and, if so, whether your transfer to one of those offices in the future might be possible. If not, you might consider finding a job that does, or is at least considering expanding to other areas.

One of the most straightforward ways of obtaining overseas work experience involves applying directly to job ads based in other countries. As long as you feel you meet the qualifications set forth in the advertisement, which may include competence with a particular language, you typically are free to apply. If you have some companies in mind as would- be future employers, then you do not necessarily have to wait for a job ad to be placed; instead, you can contact the company directly to let someone know you are interested in an overseas work experience. If you are willing to work free or for a reduced salary, then you might consider letting each company know this to possibly increase your chances of getting a job. Internships can allow you to get on-the-job training while you enjoy the experience of living overseas; afterwards, you may be able to find a paid position in the country of your choice.

You also can contact an agency that specializes in locating overseas work experience opportunities for those who are interested. Such agencies usually post job listings that are found in various countries and may help match you to a position in the destination of your choice. Using this kind of agency also may allow you to get information on obtaining visas, passports and other required documents so you can travel and work abroad. In addition, some agencies offer classes to increase your chances of getting a job, as well as lodging and food, though you can expect to pay a significant fee for such help.

An additional way to gain overseas work experience is to choose a company in your country that has offices in several nations. You can even check to see if your current job has international offices. Either way, you are encouraged to let management know you are interested in getting overseas work experience in the future; it may put your name at the top of the list when the company decides to expand or hire for international locations. While you wait for such an opportunity, you can either start preparing for a transfer so you are ready when it occurs, or you can try out the other methods of getting overseas work experience while you wait.

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    • Having a valid passport is important when applying for jobs overseas.
      By: Popova Olga
      Having a valid passport is important when applying for jobs overseas.