How do I get Management Training?

Ken Black
Ken Black
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone

You have several options available to you to help get management training. Instruction in management concepts and strategies is often provided at the college level through various management classes. If you are already in a professional field, this type of training can be obtained by attending conferences, seminars, and even online trainings. Utilizing these professional management training outlets may be the most convenient option if you already have a job.

Management training often begins at a business college, where you can get the basics of good management practices. If you are still attending college or about to attend college, getting management training will naturally occur as a part of many college courses. These courses can be tailored to your individual interests, whether that is with for-profit companies or non-profit entities. Further, these courses often break the class down into small groups for projects that give all students the chance to lead and be part of a management team.

Many colleges also offer the possibility of taking courses both for personal enrichment or in the process of earning a degree. Even if you are not on a traditional degree path, you may be able to use courses in management for a degree in the future. If you are not interested in college credit, management training is often offered through a continuing education program. This program is often less intensive than traditional college courses and offers the classes during evening hours and weekends.

If you have already taken a position in business management or are on a career track for such a job, management training is often done through workshops or seminars, as well as through practical experience on the job. These seminars may be offered during the workday onsite or offsite. If offered offsite, the company will often pay for its managers to attend the training. In some cases, you may also opt to pay for your own training seminars.

A relatively new option is the online seminar, often called a Webinar. Though the definition of what constitutes a Webinar is not entirely clear, it involves some kind of training using an online medium. This training may be done through live streaming video or recorded video. Live streaming video offers participants the chance to ask questions and interact with the presenter.

Finding management training opportunities is usually not difficult. If you are already a business professional, trade publications and associations will often publish a listing of upcoming events by area. Checking with your local community college may also be a good idea, especially if it has an active continuing education program.

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    • Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone
      Businesswoman talking on a mobile phone