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How do I get an Associate's Degree in Marketing?

Vanessa Harvey
Vanessa Harvey

You can earn an associate's degree in marketing by successfully completing all of the required coursework of the marketing degree program offered by the college, university or correspondence school that you choose to attend. Depending on your level of education when you enroll and on any prerequisite requirements that the program has, you also might be required to complete pre-college courses. For example, residents of the United States almost always need at least a high school diploma or a general education diploma (GED) to be accepted into colleges and universities that are regionally or nationally accredited. Many high schools have official agreements with colleges and universities that allow some students to complete their final two years of high school at the same time that they begin their first year of college. Regardless of the school you choose to attend, you will almost always have to officially declare a major in marketing before you complete your studies and any required practicums.

The coursework you will have to complete to earn an associate's degree in marketing will depend on the school of your choice. You can expect, however, to be required to complete courses in financial accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, principles of advertising and principles of retailing. Other subjects that you probably will have to take during your studies for an associate's degree in marketing include sales management, principles of marketing, principles of entrepreneurship, customer services strategies and the principles of delivering winning presentations. Almost every accredited school will also require you to complete a certain number of credits in marketing electives. Electives are courses that are related to your major but are not necessarily a part of the official coursework required for an associate's degree in marketing.

A mortarboard and diploma for an associate's degree in marketing.
A mortarboard and diploma for an associate's degree in marketing.

Completion of a practicum, which is hands-on experience in the real world, must be done if it is required by your school. Many accredited schools require students to complete a practicum, during which they put into practice the things they have leared in the classroom. A practicum, in almost all cases, also serves as work experience, which is a valuable asset that should be displayed on your resumé to increase your chances of finding work in marketing. There are not only many schools from which you can choose to earn an associate's degree in marketing, there also are different types of schools.

If you attend a school in person, you will have to take required marketing classes. Online schools offer the convenience of attending virtual classes and delivering your homework via a student management system. You might, however, have to take proctored exams. Correspondence schools usually give you the choice of completing your studies without attending class in person or online; you generally receive study materials by email, regular mail or through an online system. The most important thing to keep in mind is the necessity to be aware of all of the requirements of your particular school for earning an associate's degree in marketing and the school's policy on accepting any previous credits that you might have earned. 

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    • A mortarboard and diploma for an associate's degree in marketing.
      By: Matthew Benoit
      A mortarboard and diploma for an associate's degree in marketing.