How Do I Get a Materials Management Certification?

Jennifer Leigh
Jennifer Leigh
Businessman with a briefcase
Businessman with a briefcase

The first step towards getting a materials management certification is to contact a professional business association in your jurisdiction, which can help you find specific details about accredited programs. After you have found this information, you can look for programs that provide the necessary courses and training needed to obtain a materials management certification. Once you have found a program you can go through the application process, if necessary, or simply sign up and pay for the courses. As long as you complete the courses, you will be provided with your materials management certification once you pass all relevant examinations.

Certification is generally done by a governing body, or a professional association in the area of materials management. This means that in order for your certificate to mean something, you need to attend a program that is recognized either by your local government or by your local professional association for business management. They will be able to provide you with a list of accredited programs that meet their standards, and you can begin applying to schools that fit your budgetary needs, schedule, and location. Online programs are available if you are a busy professional, or are unable to find a school in your area that provides materials management certification.

Some programs require that you have a college degree or experience working professionally to begin. When you contact the programs, ask the admissions representative about the necessary qualifications. If you do not meet the criteria, you can either find a program that suits your current needs or obtain the qualifications before beginning.

After you find a program and apply, you can begin the courses that will provide you with your materials management certification. Common courses for this type of certificate include technology in materials management, shipping procedures, and production scheduling. The courses will help you to understand how the entire production chain can be made more efficient through the use of organization and cost management strategies. It is necessary to study the material thoroughly while you are taking the courses, so that you will be able to pass the examinations at the end of the program.

In many jurisdictions, an examination is required to receive your materials management certification. For example, in the U.S. there are certifications in materials management offered by a few different professional associations. Each of these is a slightly different certification, and requires an examination on the subject matter in order to receive the certificate.

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    • Businessman with a briefcase
      Businessman with a briefcase