How do I Earn an Advertising Diploma?

Britt Archer
Britt Archer
An advertising diploma.
An advertising diploma.

There are two basic ways to obtain an advertising diploma. The first and most common method is to seek out a traditional college that offers an advertising major. The second is to pursue an advertising degree online from an accredited institution. Before pursing an advertising diploma from any venue, students should first check the school’s credentials and speak with former students who have attended the school to find out what the rate of success is. Some advertising schools may have no qualifications or credentials, which can lead to problems down the road when a person begins to look for a job.

The benefits of each type of education vary. Those who are returning to school after a break, or are already busy with work, a family or other obligations may find it easier to pursue an advertising diploma online. People who find it easier to complete work in a structured, hands-on environment may find a traditional school to be their best option. People pursuing online degrees need to be dedicated, motivated self-starters. Because this is a general requirement of those in the advertising field, as with most other creative fields, advertising degrees obtained online carry little to no stigma and afford the same employment opportunities as those gained at a traditional on-campus program.

The field of advertising focuses on the methods used to sell a product. Every ad you encounter in a magazine, on television, or via radio is the direct result of someone with an advertising diploma. An advertising degree of a minimum of four years is the standard requirement for jobs in the field of advertising, although two-year degrees and certificates are offered, and may afford job seekers a chance at obtaining an advertising job. Most advertising jobs are found with advertising companies or firms, or with various commercial companies.

A certificate in advertising can be obtained from advertising colleges. These colleges are often smaller schools within a university or other higher education center. Technical colleges may also offer a program in advertising, resulting in an advertising diploma that can be used to obtain an entry-level job in the field, or as a stepping stone to higher education.

Before pursuing a degree or diploma in advertising, potential students should consider their personal strengths and weaknesses. Being able to communicate effectively, either through words or visual images, is imperative to a job in the advertising field. This skill opens up doors in the industries of copywriting, web design, graphic design, public relations and promotional marketing, among others.

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    • An advertising diploma.
      By: sveta
      An advertising diploma.