What Are the Different Types of Online Advertising Jobs?

Alex Tree
Alex Tree
Telemarketing services are sometimes viewed as online advertising jobs.
Telemarketing services are sometimes viewed as online advertising jobs.

There are many online advertising jobs, including viral marketing jobs, telemarketing services, and review writers. Viral marketers use established websites and online services to spread subtle advertisements. Telemarketers call people to sell a product or at least gain brand awareness. Review writers are often blog owners who are offered a job to write reviews in exchange for paid compensation or free products. In addition, search engine optimizers attempt to manipulate a website’s ranking on search engines to increase traffic.

Some people are hired for viral marketing purposes, in which the advertising campaign goes viral. Viral marketing uses social networking sites, email, and video hosting websites to spread brand awareness and increase product sales. These advertising jobs often consist of making a video, chain letter, or other kind of advertisement that is funny or shocking. Potential consumers send the ad to friends, who in turn send it to their friends until the ad has gone viral and reached millions of people. Viral campaigners are sometimes seen in a negative light by consumers, because their advertising campaigns are often disguised as something that happened to a random person with no hint that the video, letter, or website is an ad.

Telemarketing services are sometimes viewed as online advertising jobs, particularly when the job is to convince people to buy an Internet product. These jobs can be paid by the hour or on commission. This type of job either involves cold calling people, meaning the people have not expressed interest in the product or company before, or following leads. If the telemarketer is following a lead, he or she has a greater chance of selling a product or service because the person expressed interest via email or phone at some earlier date.

Some companies hire people to write about their products. In some cases, the review writer has never owned the product nor tested it out for herself. Reputable companies, on the other hand, usually send the writer a product to try out or look for people who have already tested it. These online advertising jobs usually require having an established blog to write the review on. In general, the larger the audience of the blog, the more likely the blogger will get a job as a review writer.

Search engine optimization is often considered an important part of owning a successful online business. Companies hire search engine optimization consultants or specialists to tweak their websites to get better rankings on popular search engines. These online advertising jobs are basically advertising on search engines, and employees are sometimes hired to do more than increase the rankings of a website. For example, they might be hired to increase the rankings of a blog post with a positive review of a product.

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    • Telemarketing services are sometimes viewed as online advertising jobs.
      By: WavebreakMediaMicro
      Telemarketing services are sometimes viewed as online advertising jobs.