How do I Choose the Best Wood and Glass Coffee Table?

Sheri Cyprus

Choosing the best wood and glass coffee table for your home is likely to be a fairly simple task if you take the time to consider flattering size, shape and style options. For small rooms, don't choose an oversized coffee table even though the glass can make the room appear larger. Unless it's relatively small, the base may still look like it takes up too much space. The choice of shape and style is usually more flexible and will depend on your preference as well as the other furniture and accessories in your living room.

A glass top over finely burled wood shows off the wood's natural patterns.
A glass top over finely burled wood shows off the wood's natural patterns.

If your basic decor is modern, choose a clean-lined coffee table. A glass top is the perfect modern accent, and this may be in the form of an inserted piece or the type that is placed onto a base. For modern living rooms, the base on a wood and glass coffee table should be simple in structure. Either light or dark wood tones are suitable for modern living spaces, but be sure to keep the basic color the same as other wooden furniture you may have. Mixing wood colors, especially in modern interiors, can result in a dated or mismatched look.

Driftwood can be used to make coffee tables.
Driftwood can be used to make coffee tables.

For more classic living spaces, the base or coffee table itself can feature as much detail you like, such as turned wood spindles or elaborate metal drawer pulls. For informal traditional rooms, consider a noticeable grain in the wood. Formal, classic living rooms often suit a beautifully polished wood and glass coffee table. Just because a room is traditionally furnished, it doesn't mean that a rectangular coffee table must be used. Think about a shape that will flatter the room's look, but also add a bit of surprise such as a multi-sided or round coffee table.

Using a creative approach to choosing a wood and glass coffee table can result in a focal point for your living room. If you have a cherished possession that could work as a coffee table base, you can get a glass top cut to fit it. For example, this can be done with a beautiful piece of driftwood or a large ceramic planter pot. Using a few small, clear rubber circles underneath the glass top can help it stay more securely onto your choice of base. For safety reasons, to prevent shattering and sharp shards, only tempered glass should be used for coffee table tops.

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