How do I Choose the Best Iron Coffee Table?

Tara Barnett

Choosing the best iron coffee table is largely a matter of personal preference, but there are certain considerations one should keep in mind when choosing the table. For instance, if the table will not be made entirely of iron, one must decide on which complementary material to use. An iron coffee table is almost always made with an iron base and a glass or wood top, but it is possible to make an entirely iron table. Other factors, such as size and design, must also be considered. There is no single best iron coffee table, as each person will have a different preference, but it is possible to choose the a favorite iron coffee table using the factors above.

One may be able to find a good deal on an iron coffee table at a garage sale.
One may be able to find a good deal on an iron coffee table at a garage sale.

An iron coffee table is usually made with an iron base and a flat tabletop fitted to the base. The top may be removable, or it may be permanently affixed to the base. Some people find that a coffee table made with sheets of iron offers a more appealing look than the use of wrought or cast iron. Given how heavy a large item made of iron can be, it is often best if the iron elements are somewhat thin. Another way to make the item lighter is to use a detachable top so each piece can be moved separately.

Iron sheet metal might be used to make a coffee table.
Iron sheet metal might be used to make a coffee table.

Almost any flat item can become an iron coffee table top. Even a sheet of iron could be used, although this may be too sharp for a low table. Glass is a popular choice because it allows a clear view of the beautiful iron base of the table. Combining wood and iron in furniture is a classic and popular choice as well.

The size of the coffee table can affect how good it looks in a room. Some people enjoy long, thin coffee tables, while others prefer smaller square ones. A small space may not be able to sustain a large coffee table without impeding walking areas. Measuring the room before purchasing an iron coffee table is a good idea.

Perhaps the most important part of choosing the best coffee table is looking at a wide variety of designs and designers to get a feel for what is available. Iron coffee tables are sold in department stores, by artists, and even at garage sales. Designs differ vastly, and the coffee table chosen can affect the entire mood of the room. This kind of coffee table is available in many different price ranges as well, and it is usually possible to find something suitable for even a tight budget. Knowing what one wants in a table and the limitations one must obey are both important elements when choosing the best iron coffee table.

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