What is an Iron Table?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Iron tables are durable tables that are constructed with the use of iron. In many instances, the iron table is primarily designed for use on a patio or as seating in a garden area. The table may be a larger model that is suitable for serving a meal, or one that is meant to serve as a side table in a seating area. Other types of iron furniture, such as chairs or benches often accompany the table.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

It is possible to purchase an iron table in a number of different designs. The nature of iron casting allows the creation of a look that is characterized by clean lines and simplicity, or one that is much more ornate and formal. While some types of iron tables are cast as one solid piece, it is also possible to purchase table kits that can be assembled with relative ease.

One of the main attractions of an iron table is the sturdy construction and durability. This is particularly important if the table will remain outside regardless of the weather conditions. A properly constructed iron table will hold up equally well in the heat of summer and cold snowy winter days. As long as the table is kept clean and the protective coating is properly sealed, an iron table can last for decades.

The process of cleaning an iron table is another advantage to this type of outdoor accessory. For the most part, a simple wipe-down with a clean cloth is all that is required. If there is intricate scrollwork included in the design of the table, using soap and water to clean the niches within the design will also keep the table looking fresh and new. Even an occasional dousing with the garden hose is often enough to remove a layer of dust or grime from the surface and allow the table to remain attractive.

One potential drawback to an iron table is that the piece will be somewhat heavy. That is not a problem if the idea is to place the table in a permanent position. However, for homeowners who like to rearrange the patio or the garden accessories on a fairly regular basis, it may be a better option to go with some type of table that is still durable but weighs less.

Purchasing a quality iron table is usually simple to accomplish. Many home and garden shops will offer several different designs and sizes of the tables. Home stores are sometimes a good option as well. While an iron table is likely to cost more than outdoor tables that are less durable, the fact that the table will last for many years will make it a more cost efficient purchase in the long run.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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