How do I Choose the Best Coffee Table Set?

Tiffany Manley

Choosing a coffee table set can be a daunting task. Many people feel that there are so many aspects to consider when choosing a set that they put it off indefinitely. A few things to consider when you are choosing a coffee table set are the style of the furniture currently in the room where the coffee table set will go, the size of the space, how much functionality you want out of your table and the shape that you think would fit best in the space.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Most people will try to match the coffee table set with the furnishings currently in the room where the table will go. If the room contains contemporary furniture, then a contemporary table made from glass or stone might be an appropriate choice. If the room contains a good deal of antique furniture, a table made from antique materials such as wood might suit it best. Do not be afraid to mix and match styles; this can work well when done properly.

The size of the room, and more importantly, the size of the space where the coffee table set will go, has a great impact on the type of table you should get. If you have a small space, you do not want to fill it with a giant coffee table; conversely, if you have a big space, placing a tiny table in the center will not look right, either. Measure the space where the table will go, and take these measurements with you when shopping. Be sure to account for space around the table so people are able to walk comfortably around the table.

Also important when shopping for a coffee table set is determining the level of functionality you want out of your table. Determine whether the table will be used for decoration only or whether it will be used to house remote controls, magazines, drinks or other items. This will help you decide on a more functional piece, a more decorative piece or one that best combines the two.

It might seem like an obscure component, but the shape of the coffee table also is an important consideration when searching for a new one. A rectangular table might not work in every room, just as a round one might prove to be too big. Play around with the idea of a few shapes, and see which one works best in your room. Be sure to measure the space to ensure that any new furniture addition will fit comfortably in the room.

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