How Do I Choose the Best Winter Pajamas?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.

When you shop for winter pajamas, you should choose something that will provide warmth and comfort. If you're choosing winter pajamas for a child, consider buying one-piece, footed pajamas that will keep the entire body warm. Material such as flannel and fleece will provide more warmth than cotton or polyester. You must also decide whether you prefer a pajama set or top and bottom separates.

Children's winter pajamas often are available in playful colors.
Children's winter pajamas often are available in playful colors.

Children's winter pajamas often are available in colorful cartoon character designs. Children also enjoy wearing pajamas with a holiday or winter theme, so if you're buying winter pajamas for a child's gift, consider reindeer or snowflake prints. Whatever designs you decide to buy for children's winter pajamas, long-sleeved styles are best for warmth. Winter blanket sleepers are ideal for toddlers or children who tend to kick the covers off at night.

If you enjoy pajamas that fit snug against the body, or if you live in a cold climate, consider buying thermal pajamas. Thermal pajamas are made for men, women, and children. Thermal pajamas are generally available in a variety of colors. Children's thermals may also be available in prints or character designs.

Consider buying lounge pants for versatility. Winter lounge pants are good for sleeping in or for lounging around the house. These winter pajama pants provide warmth, yet they are very soft and comfortable. You can choose lounge pants made of flannel, cotton, or fleece.

Choosing the correct size for your winter pajamas is important. If your winter sleepwear fits too snug, you might find it difficult to sleep in. For this reason, you should choose pajamas that are one size larger than the usual size you wear, especially if you prefer a loose-fitting style.

Some styles of sleepwear are not always true to size. For example, if you normally wear a ladies' size medium in satin or cotton style pajamas, a medium fleece or flannel pair might not be the fit you're hoping for. For this reason, you should try on your winter pajamas before buying them to ensure they feel comfortable. If this is not possible, or you are shopping online, be sure the pajamas can be returned if they do not fit properly.

If you're looking for a bargain on a pair of winter pajamas, consider buying them off season. After the holiday season, you might find Christmas motif sleepwear that is reduced on clearance. You can always save them for a holiday present for the following year.

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@FernValley- I don't like flannel either. I also wear things like sweatpants or track pants or whatever I have around, usually, when I sleep or lounge around the house. My mom sometimes likes to get me special warm pajama sets and things like that, but they usually don't get worn.


@helene55- Many people do love flannel, but I personally hate it. I don't like the fuzziness of flannel, not in clothes or sheets. I also feel like it isn't very breathable.

My most common pajamas are usually sweatpants and sweatshirts. I even wear them sometimes as summer pajamas, because I get cold easily at night. I generally don't have a lot of pajamas sets though.


One of the most popular forms of winter pajamas are probably flannel. They're warm and often come in all sorts of designs, not just plaid, though that's a common pattern. A lot of people like them because they also last a long time.

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    • Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
      By: philip kinsey
      Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
    • Children's winter pajamas often are available in playful colors.
      By: trgowanlock
      Children's winter pajamas often are available in playful colors.