How Do I Choose the Best Christmas Pajamas?

Cindy Quarters
Cindy Quarters
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.

When selecting Christmas pajamas, find a source that has pajamas in styles and sizes you prefer and then narrow down your choices from there. You are most likely to be happy with the end result if you consider not only the pattern or design, but also the style and fabric of any Christmas pajamas you are considering. Depending on your situation, there may be other factors you will also want to take into account.

Winter pajamas often are available in playful, holiday colors.
Winter pajamas often are available in playful, holiday colors.

Where you start when picking out Christmas pajamas will depend on which features are most important to you. If you are looking for matching pajamas for the entire family, you will need to limit your search to those that come in a wide range of sizes so there will be something for everybody. The style should also normally be appropriate for both males and females.

If you don’t need matching pajamas for several people, comfort may be at the top of your list. Read the product information to see what the clothing is made of, and feel the material if you are doing your shopping in person. Flannel and brushed cotton are some popular choices for Christmas pajamas. Wool, though warm, feels scratchy to many people and may not be the most comfortable choice.

Christmas pajamas come in many styles, and in order to decide which ones are best you should look for a style that appeals to you. Many times pajamas designed for winter wear are long-sleeved, but in areas where the weather is hot short sleeves may be a better choice. Pajama bottoms follow the same general rule, with long legs important for people in cold areas and shorts for those living where it is hot at Christmas.

Once you have a style in mind, think about what represents the holidays to you. Some people like dark red and green plaids while others prefer a solid color decorated with a seasonal design. This is a matter of individual taste. To get the best Christmas pajamas possible, be sure they make you think of the holidays when you look at them. That’s what will make them special.

Before making your purchase, be sure you will be able to take care of your Christmas pajamas. Most people look for something that will be easy to wash and dry and won’t fade or run. This will help to make the pajamas look good and last a long time.

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Can anyone suggest a really nice style of Christmas pajamas for men?

My husband isn't really into the holiday season that much but I want to get him some nice warm pajamas for Christmas. I really like the Christmas designs that I have been seeing but I think that tiny snowmen might be a bit much for him.

Also, fabric is a bit of an issue. I know he doesn't like anything too constricting so I think that a lot of the flannel pajamas I've been seeing will come across as too tight for him. I am not sure what to do.


One of the best times of year to buy Christmas pajamas is actually the week after the holiday ends. I've found that as long as your size doesn't fluctuate very much you can get away with stocking up when all the Christmas stuff is on for 50% off or more.

One of my favorite kids of Christmas pajamas are the cute fleece ones that have patterns on them. I love how warm they keep me and how well they hold up. Another trick I use is to buy red silk pajamas for the warmer weather because they are so cheap that week. You can easily make something "Christmas" themed work for other times of the years.


@Perdido – I think it's more fun when the whole family has to wear the same pajamas on Christmas. It really brings everyone together. It's like being united by a school or work uniform.

Though it's totally voluntary, my family always participates in the Christmas pajama tradition. I know a few moody teenagers who have been forced to wear them, but after they grew out of that phase, they loved doing it.

It kind of brings everyone to the same level. No one feels bad because someone is more dressed up or has nicer clothes than them.


It was hard to get into the Christmas spirit for the first couple of years after I moved to a warm, ocean climate. I wouldn't have traded the surroundings for anything, but it was confusing to my mind and body to have a Christmas tree up in seventy-five degree weather.

So, my friends and I started buying Christmas pajamas to try and get in the right frame of mind. The pajamas were actually sleeveless tops and shorts, but they were covered in everything from snowflakes to gingerbread men.

I felt a little ridiculous at first, wearing snowflakes on shorts. However, I found that the more I surrounded myself with holiday décor, the more in the spirit I got. Now, I always wear Christmas pajamas that are obviously designed for that holiday.


My family always meets at my grandparents' house for Christmas, and her home is very drafty. She has a fireplace in the living room, and the other rooms only have space heaters in them. So, our Christmas pajamas have to be super well insulated.

Everybody buys their own pair and brings them with them to the house. Most people choose flannel pajamas, but I always buy microfleece ones. This stuff is the softest, warmest material I have ever worn, and it is perfect for surviving the night at Grandma's house.

I usually buy a pair that are covered in either images of candy canes, peppermint candies, or red and white diagonal stripes. I'm a big fan of peppermint, and I wear these all season.


My sisters and I go shopping for Christmas pajamas together. That way, we only buy some that we all will be happy with. It takes the guesswork out of the process.

We don't always buy identical pajamas, but we do get some that match. One year, I bought a pair that were dark green and black plaid with red pinstripes, and my younger sister got some that were red and green checkered. My oldest sister chose a solid green pair, so we all kept within the same color family.

I think this is better than buying the same pajamas for everyone. Our unique tastes show through, and we end up with pajamas that we actually like to wear.


Instead of Christmas pajamas, I like to buy 'winter' pajamas. I don't stick with the traditional red and green, but look for colors like blue and white.

They will have designs of snowflakes and snowmen instead of Christmas trees and Santa Claus.

I think it would be neat to have matching pajamas, but I know that my husband and sons would never dream of wearing something like this.

It would be a waste of my money if I ever bought Christmas pajamas for my family members.


We live in a state that has very cold, snowy winters. When our family Christmas is at my house, I buy flannel Christmas pajamas for all the females in the family.

This is for everyone from my grandma, mom, sisters, daughters and nieces. This has become a tradition in our family. On Christmas Eve we all wear our pajamas as we sit around the house and play games.

Everyone has their warm pajamas on for most of Christmas morning too. My family that lives in Arizona probably don't wear their pajamas at other times of the year, but the memory is worth it.

I will buy pajamas on sale after the end of the season, so have never spent a lot of money on each pair. This is a fun tradition that we all look forward to and is well worth spending the money on.


@indemnifyme - I wear my Christmas pajamas more than one day a year. They are too cozy and comfortable to just wear on Christmas day.

I am also frugal, so I am determined to enjoy my Christmas pajamas all winter long. My sister and I always got Christmas pajamas from my grandma when we were growing up.

My grandma passed away several years ago, and my sister lives across the country from me. I seem to find some comfort in wearing Christmas pajamas that take me back to a special childhood memories.


The idea of Christmas pajamas sounds a little bit gimicky to me. I guess it's because I'm pretty frugal and I don't like to buy too much meaningless stuff I don't need. Christmas pajamas sounds like a marketing ploy to me, honestly.

However, if you absolutely must buy Christmas pajamas, I would recommend against spending a lot of money. I mean, you're only going to be able to wear them one day a year, really!

I would probably shop around online for the best deals, or maybe just make my own. That could be a fun family activity!


@SZapper - That sounds like a really cute tradition!

For adults, I think the amount of people who are going to see the Christmas pajamas should be a major factor when you're making your choice. For example, if it's just going to be you and your significant other on Christmas morning you could choose pajamas that are a little more racy or "adult."

However, if you have young children or you're going to be spending Christmas with your parents and extended family, your choice will obviously be different. One year, I spent Christmas with my boyfriends very conservative family. I made sure I was covered from head to toe when I came downstairs to open gifts on Christmas morning!


When I was little, my sister and I had matching Christmas pajamas every year. They were actually part of our Christmas presents, but we would get them early so we could wear them on Christmas morning.

My favorite kinds were the ones that had Christmasy designs on them, like Santa Clause, reindeer, or Christmas trees. It would help for them to warm and comfortable, but when I was a little kid I thought the way the pajamas looked was hands down the most important thing. Now I prefer more comfortable pajamas though.

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    • Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
      By: philip kinsey
      Flannel pajamas are popular in winter months.
    • Winter pajamas often are available in playful, holiday colors.
      By: trgowanlock
      Winter pajamas often are available in playful, holiday colors.