How do I Choose the Best Wedding Chair Rental Outlet?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
A couple getting married.
A couple getting married.

Wedding chair rental can be a surprisingly expensive and frustrating process, so choosing the right wedding chair rental company is an important process. Be sure to check the prices and services of several companies before committing to one, if possible, and be sure the company you choose offers a delivery service. Moving dozens or even hundreds of wedding chairs can be a difficult or impossible process if you don't have a truck big enough to carry the chairs and a back strong enough to move them, so check into delivery fees and if feasible, let the rental company do the delivery for you.

Remember that wedding chair rental is only one small part of wedding organization, so choose a wedding chair rental company that will get your order taken care of quickly and easily so you don't have to think about it any more after that. If possible, rent chairs from the same company from which you are renting tables, tents, and other items you will need for your wedding. Companies will very often offer discounts when you rent exclusively from them, and renting from different companies can make costs add up quickly, especially if each company charges a delivery and set up fee.

Some wedding chair rental companies may have the best rates, but that does not mean their customer service will be adequate. Paying a bit more for a company that is friendly, helpful, and organized will save you a lot of headaches and will be worth the extra money. Make sure the company you choose will allow you to make changes to your order easily and without charge in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, and be sure to choose a company that will call you a week or two before the wedding to confirm your order. This will eliminate mistakes the day of the wedding and ensure you get what you ordered.

Find a company that offers several types of chairs at an affordable price. Many wedding chair rental companies offer a few key chair designs that range from the very ornate to the very simple and functional. If you choose a simple and functional design, be sure to ask about wedding chair covers to improve the aesthetics of the sometimes ugly folding chairs. The rental company should be able to give you a good rate on linens to cover the chairs, or at the very least offer suggestions on how to best dress up the chairs.

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    • A couple getting married.
      By: detailblick
      A couple getting married.